Labyrinth Warriors Could Be Genshin Impact's Best Blueprint

Many players found the difficulty curve for Genshin Impact’s most recent event to be much steeper than usual. Labyrinth Warriors was added to the game during Genshin Impact Version 2.2 update earlier in November and just recently ended. To participate, players were required to have a minimum Adventure Rank of 30 and be caught up with the main story’s Archon Quest Chapter II: Act III Omnipresence Over Mortals.

The Labyrinth Warriors event in Genshin Impact consisted of five floors in which players assembled teams to traverse through a Domain with multiple rooms triggering various enemy battles, charms providing buffs, and curses causing them detrimental effects as they explored. At the end of every floor would then be a boss battle, each tougher than the last. Not only did this event provide a refreshing challenge to seasoned players, but it also introduced a much-needed example for endgame content in future updates.

While Genshin Impact successfully cycles through many of its fan-favorite updates, such as its multiple rhythm mini-games and web browser-based events, the game could benefit from more challenging mechanics like those introduced in Labyrinth Warriors for its future updates, or even integrate these ideas into the game’s main story quests. It could also be expanded upon by introducing special rewards to players who complete the higher difficulty floors, as well as a much-desired co-op version of the event. The addition of unique limited prizes that could only be earned from completing these higher floors would entice more players to seek out to optimize their units or pull for stronger characters, which could only help miHoYo’s gacha sales.

How Genshin Impact Could Fix Its Endgame Problem

Currently, the only “endgame” content that Genshin Impact has is its Spiral Abyss dungeon, in which players, in a similar fashion to Labyrinth Warriors, fight powerful enemies to gain rewards. Spiral Abyss would be vastly improved upon by integrating mechanics from Labyrinth Warriors, as well as more unique enemy bosses, a larger variety in buffs, charms, and curses, and a multiplayer mode. With the exception of weekly Trounce Domains and bosses, there aren’t many difficult challenges for players to accomplish cooperatively. The introduction of a co-op “Spiral Labyrinth” where players can explore the maze and complete difficult challenges would be a great addition to the game.

Genshin Impact’s upcoming Version 2.3 \”Shadows Amidst Snowstorms\” update will introduce some more interesting events that break the current mold. The Misty Dungeon: Realm of Light event will bring back the use of trial characters, giving players the opportunity to try out various fighters from Banners they’ve missed. Much like Labyrinth Warriors, players can receive different buffs as they traverse through a dungeon – in this case, covered in a deep fog. After locating three Ancient Runes, the player will fight an enemy boss for rewards. The implementation of these trial characters is a clever choice for miHoYo; by giving players a sample of characters they don’t have, they’ll be more likely to use their Wishes next time that character gets a Banner rerun.

Other upcoming updates include the return of the Marvelous Merchandise and Energy Amplifier events, as well as a unique stealth-based canine-centric kidnapping mystery called Banton Sango Case Files. Genshin Impact’s 2.3 update will be live on November 24, featuring Eula, Albedo, and later Arataki Itto as its featured 5-star units. Considering the game\’s trends on returning features, the chance of Labyrinth Warriors returning again in the future is likely, hopefully paving the way for more challenging endgame content to come.

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