lore of magic (notes to collect my thoughts)


magic is taking life energy and changing and transforming it. This turning it into effects is done by changing the life energy, it doesn’t have to change a lot depending on the effect.

life energy comes from the soul and is also just used for living(if matter isn’t infused with life energy it disappears)

you typically use your excess life energy for magic but you can use non-excess life energy at the risk of dying.

Anything living can generate life energy and anything dead has a set amount of life energy.

if anything completely runs out of life energy that thing crumbles into nothing.

Life energy is needed to live because it makes the basic functions of your existence work. without it you literally wouldn’t.

the flavours of life energy

Life energy has many types sometimes referred to as ‘’flavours’’. at the base life energy is nothing and can do nothing besides guide other life energy, this life energy is emitted by the world tree. life energy most of the time is not base but instead is something. flavours are basically the natural world, there is base life energy then there is flavoured life energy and then there is a natural existing thing. For example there is base life energy, then rock life energy then a rock. everything that has flavoured life energy without doing anything makes it’s life energy it’s own flavour. magic simulates the natural by changing the flavour of life energy and then it is shaped more afterward for more effects if needed.

Flavours of life energy however go further than only physical things. more immateria things as concepts can and do also have life energy to them, they however barely ever appear in the natural world. things like time, emotion and morality also swirl around the world as life energy(though people didn’t discover that until very late). life energy of concepts is around everywhere where those concepts exist, however it only seems to be in very small quantities to the point nobody can really detect them by the means life energy is normally detected.

Lastly, the life energy of these concepts often comes from human opinion. when a human feels a certain way, they experience emotion and with that a tiny bit of said emotions life energy escapes into the world, that is how quite a bit of the concepts that are up to opinion like morality get into the world, it is by a creature experiencing that feeling.

Energy radiation

everything radiated life energy. the radiation gives off to the things around it and gets returned the same amount as a result due that object's radiation. very large and magical objects their radiation has a very big impact, things like the world tree causes leylines of magical energy where the amount of radiation in the air is a lot higher. the moon also causes this but the leyline constantly moves because the moon moves, this is often used in magical devices so that they only trigger at a typical interval, most of the time full moon at night when the energy output is the highest

magic enablers

there are a variety of ways to be able to do magic. A breaking point is the point where the soul changes so that the magic is possible in the first place, all magic has a breaking point(magic from birth just has it happen before being born).

1 emotion magic, A secondary feature of the soul is emotion, when emotion is really strong it can permanently alter the shape of the soul allowing for magic. with this magic there is an awakening moment, some really emotional moment that causes magic(doesn’t have to be negative emotion can also be artistic happiness for example). There are a variety of things that can happen through this magic depending on the emotion. Some examples are being a bard, magical abilities during rage and a person becoming a ghost because of the sorrow of unfinished business.

2 biological magic, there can be biological features that cause magic, most commonly this is a feature the species you were born into have, like a dragon’s breath. it can also be that your family has a bloodline ability in their biology that gives magic.

3 world magic, everything radiates energy by a lot of meditation and getting in tune with some specific environment type, you can gain magic, you gain control of the world using your life energy. this can be any environment type, from the land to the stars.

4 arcane magic, arcane magic is magic that everybody can learn, theoretically. There are different types of arcane magic but they all pull on similar concepts. arcane magics mimics reality in complex ways to gain magic. although arcane magics say anybody can learn them they still have a breaking point like all other magics, and often if a person has no talent the breaking point can take incredibly long to reach.there are different arcane techniques, they are all connected by the fact that having gotten a breaking point for 1 means it’s a lot easier to get a breaking point for another.

  1. modern wizardry. This technique is described as the ultimate technique of arcane magic and once it was invented it also quickly became the most used by far. The reason for this is that it looked at other existing techniques and figured out what they were all doing to make their equations and mimic reality and mixed that all together in a new style that the inventor believed was the best way to mimic and manipulate reality. Modern wizardry is incredibly versatile and has very few limits as long as the caster has done study in the right categories. Modern wizardry has many different ways of noting down spells. there are different “languages” of writing magic down. These different ways of noting spells are more like different preferences on how to write things down and all it means is that it takes a little more time if a person has to translate spells from 1 “language” to another. Besides the languages every wizard also has their own little preferences anyway making no 2 ways of noting wizards that have found their own style the same(but different wizards will be able to understand it). Lastly in the modern era the best way to note magic which was a mix of the most efficient parts of all others.

  2. artifice. a spinoff from modern wizardry that took more inspiration from rune magic. While modern wizardry can also do magic item creation, artifice is optimized purely for it. artificers souls also gain the ability to sustain magic items on their own soul instead of fully making them causing the magic item to be tied to the caster in those cases(the advantage is the speed of creation)

  3. rune magic. an early form of arcane magic that modern wizardry and artifice are partially based upon. rune magic functions purely on writing runes. The downside of rune magic is that a single rune can only do simple effects. Sometimes multiple runes are used in conjunction but rune magic isn’t optimized so more than 2 runes together often go awry. There are 2 types of runes: simple(usable by anyone) and complex(usable by rune mages). runes themselves aren’t magical; they simply channel magic. Very often a person using the rune still has to use life energy in it though some effects are permanent. When 2 runes are used in conjunction they need to be connected to work together, the options for that are: written on the same object, 2 not too big objects that touch or 1 rune written in a material that disperses(ash, sand or dirt) and then touching. 1 thing often done with runes is leave the rune unfinished, because runes always immediately trigger when they can and since they need to be very exact or they don’t work runes are often mostly finished to finish the last part when they want. often the little unfinished part is finished with a temporary material to trigger it multiple times.

  4. material magic. material magic is often also called blood magic. This magic uses that sacrifice of other life energy as its primary tool of mimicking reality, the most powerful and common of used materials were body parts and particularly blood as a result this magic got the nickname blood magic. This magic also had a lot to do with prediction of the future. This magic was invented by [aztec].

  5. verbal magic. verbal magic also called ritual magic. the magic was purely verbal with sometimes a small bit of runes. the magic would be long amounts of time of chanting to get the effects. it’s mainly limited by the amount of time it takes, as a result it is not combat relevant. this magic was invented by the dragons and the [mesopotamia]

  6. somatic magic. This magic is purely hand signs and dance. This magic is most of the time quick to do but it’s effects are relatively low impact. There are theories that this magic, though clearly separate, also has had an impact on focus magic on the [asians] continent. invented by the [asians].

  7. blood hunter. though it isn’t entirely arcane magic, this should be mentioned here. Blood hunters are mutated through magic that makes them use certain equations that wouldn’t even work for others incredibly efficiently because their own body has been turned into a material component through mutation. Their magic is often body related. The mutations aren’t all good. There is a low chance of survival undergoing the mutations.

  8. eldritch magic. also sometimes called hag magic, because hags are the only ones who seem to understand this magic fully. This magic relies on using the life energy of others and using their properties. The system isn’t understood by anybody so nobody really uses it since most people are of the opinion there are better ways to do it, as a result it barely is practiced and when it is it is misunderstood and thus not used well. The only ones who do use this magic are hags, they use it to great effect but refuse to give away it’s secrets. there also is evidence that early humans used this magic as well though the evidence isn’t completely 100%(might have been early wizardry instead)

5 focus magic. focus magic bases itself on exactly that, focus. at base level the magic is the willing into existence of abilities, if one can fully believe and focus one can achieve magic. but in reality there is more to it. one has to traina a lot too to achieve this magic. The magic functions by understanding and feeling life energy a lot more than other magics. The training varies on what abilities a person is trying to achieve, very often it is a combination of physical and mental training around the type of things a person is trying to achieve. For example, a person trying to reach the peak of their own power will do physical training and meditation for self reflection. what the training is varies completely and what one wants to achieve. the abilities can also appear accidentally if a person does the training but doesn’t have a goal in mind, this however is very rare. magic never just appears through training alone. There has to happen a shock moment where the person is forced to apply the abilities, at that moment the training becomes instinct and the soul changes to allow magic.

Focus magic has 1 unique quality that others have less often, while it is a small part of the magic in most others in focus magic it is about half of it’s magical skills. this magic is to use life energy without expending it. In focus magic it is mainly done by enhancing strength of body parts by increasing life energy in certain areas, this energy is never expended but instead just moved.

There are a couple basic skills for monks that all monks possess beside their skills that are specific for.

  1. strengthen. This skill increases the amount of life energy in a body part and hardens it causing impact of attacks to be harder without increasing strength. This ability is why the attack impact of monks often seems disproportionate with their strength. This ability is also extended to weapons sometimes to give the weapons the same property.

  2. quicken. This fuels ki for the muscles, it causes increased muscle speed but barely any increased strength. It increases speed both in the short and long term. This ability is passive but can be strengthened temporarily by also expending energy for it.

  3. Calm Instinct. Monks who seek more meditation see this as the most important ability to learn. This ability quickens the instinct of monks while keeping their minds calm. it is pure concentration during combat. it causes things like their instinctive dodges and blocks, there can be poured energy in this passive ability to make it even more effective.

6 Faith magic. Faith as feeling can cause change in the soul. Faith, pure trust and belief can change the soul. Most of the time this belief is in a god because on it’s own faith needs to be incredibly strong to get to a breaking point. gods often help the breaking point and magic along by giving a little magic to them.

7 pact magic. this magic is very weird because you're not using your own magic instead having made a deal, the deal enables you to do magic. you still use your own energy when needed. There are various gifts in this magic but also often curse. with the magic come magical limitations that the person is literally impossible to violate.

8 sorcery. Sorcery is natural magic that is unusual in nature(the class sorcerer is either this one or biological magic depending on it’s origin). This magic is not ordinary in the sense that it isn’t born with logic. Instead some weird factor or factors caused the magic to swell in you, maybe a weird birth circumstance that caused absorbing magic or maybe a gift from an entity that gave you your own control of your magic. Sorcerers have natural pools of magic energy that are naturally larger than other people.

????????. the magic of the old ones, creatures from the far realms don’t seem to follow any logic at all, people call some of the things they do magic but it’s more breaking reality to cause effects it seems. as such antimagic doesn’t work on it.

the 4 groups of magic and their spectrum

Magic happens because of a change to an abnormal shape of the soul. And because the soul can change because of an incredible amount of things there are also a large number of ways to attain magic. People that have mapped the ways to gain magic have made it a spectrum with 4 groups that tend to be more centered around. on one side there is the learned magic, the closer to that end magic is the more anybody can learn the magic (though it doesn’t have to be easy). on the other side is innate magic, the more to that side the less the person that can do the magic is of influence themselves.

  1. arcane magic. arcane magic is the magic that anybody can learn with only a tiny bit of luck. When one trains to figure out the complex patterns of the multiverse, one can mimic those patterns and when a breaking point is reached that mimicking allows for effects. There are multiple arcane magic practices that all are specialized in different things, learning one will make it a bit easier to learn another but a person has to attain a breaking point for each magic they attempt to learn. arcane magic is split into the old practices and the new practices. the old practices are rune magic(drawing runes for effect), dance magic(dancing in complex patterns for effect), speaker magic(long chants for effect), material magic(thought patterns and usage of materials for effect). the new pactives are wizardry(the combination and perfection of the old magics into 1 more effective new magic), artifice(a wizardry specialization into using and changing items), blood hunter(a useage of a mutating concoction to allow for very unique magical capabilities). 

  2. focus magic. Focus magic is magic that allows people to attain magic by doing both physical and mental training. like arcane magic this magic still requires incredible training but unlike it the training done doesn’t require complex patterns instead it requires focus. The training that is done does have an effect on the abilities that manifest. Magics that fall under this category are things like monks who use incredibly physical and mental training combined to push themselves and their own body to it’s peak, the magic they have reflects that, druid’s and rangers who focus on and train with the nature of their surroundings and thus their magic manifests like their surroundings. This magic doesn’t have to fall under the 2 just mentioned, depending on the context of the focus and training done the magic can be near anything. the most important thing about this magic is a person convincing themselves they can do it, this is why the more away from conceivable capability it is the less likely a person is to achieve it.

  3. emotion magic. emotion magic is based on emotion and feeling. When a person has extreme emotion or feeling this can permanently alter a soul and give magic. magic doesn’t have to manifest in the person itself necessarily and can also be hidden until a person finds it. This magic is diverse as the emotion of people, any ability can theoretically manifest. some common qualities are enhanced strength because of great rage, magic because of artistic expression and magic because of faith in a idea or belief(this one can be helped along by a multisouled creature)

  4. innate magic. This is the magic that a person has gained because of forces outside their control on the magical and soul level. either they were born with it because of their species or family genes or it was gifted. This magic is incredibly diverse as well of course because of the fact that anything outside the control of the soul that changed the soul falls under this.

magic groups

Beside the way a character can access magic magical effects themselves are grouped too.

Throughout history there have been multiple ways of grouping magical effects.

The one that stuck in the end is the keyword method. In the keyword method any spell has a certain amount of keywords which together describe the spell. Any spellcaster generally specializes in a couple keywords, though some don’t and are generally knowledgeable but not skilled. while casters who get their magic intentionally choose their keywords while more irrational casters like bard don’t get to choose instead just gain some of them.

Another important group is life energy type. in the keyword system, this is one of the most important keywords. When doing magic detections with spells like detect magic then you see the type of life energy as the type it detects.

theme of spells, spells can count under different categories for bonus effects in the game rules if it fits thematically. For example if a person gains a bonus with fire spells they can have their fly spell they learn come from fire propelling making it count as a new spell. then the DM makes a spell copy with a new name and gives the PC that instead. be aware that if they for example find a scroll and learn the spell from there they aren’t allowed to do this.

Bloodlines and soullines

In the world there are a lot of inherited abilities that are created within creatures. things like magical abilities tied to families that are caused by various different causes, tiefling for example is one of them. natural abilities are grouped in 2 groups: bloodline and soulline.

a bloodline is tied to biology and as such is inherited by birth, this is biologic magic enabler though it is not like every creature in a species has it but more an exception. soulline is that the magic is tied to your soul meaning you have it in every reincarnation of your life.

everything has influence on everything

one of the most important principles in magic is that everything has an influence on everything. Your biology has an influence on your magical energy, your way of thinking does too. When you become enabled to do magic you soul changes to allow you to change life energy, and when you soul changes sometimes permanent magical functions can start to happen. like such everything has influence on everything, so here are some of the different things that have influence on things

1 your soul: your soul causes emotion, is what gives the absolute basics of thought like wanting to reproduce and is what produces your life energy. your soul is the centerpiece of everything in terms of influence nearly everything both has influence on the soul and influences it. A changing of the soul is what enables magic to happen, when your soul changes you should see it like that change is a machine that with electricity(life energy) can do a function.

2 your body. Most of the time a manifestation of magic happens around your body, both permanent or temporary things either change your body or appear there to be shot out, think of altering your appearance but also having life energy come out of your hands to make a fireball. if can also influence the soul with biology/dna

3 your mind. when thinking influences the soul to change is one way that the mind influences the soul. Sometimes spells so magical energy are used on the mind with things like read mind or detect magic.

4 your life energy. your life energy runs through your entire everything to provide it with life. it is what’s transmuted by the soul to turn into spells. it can change type to become virtually anything. rarely does life energy change the soul unless it was influenced by something else

5 other life energies. things around you can influence you too, kind of like radiation if energy in the world around you is very out of the normal it can influence your life energy and in extreme cases change your soul.

permanent magical changes

beside spells some magic changes are more permanent as well. no matter how a person gains magic, when they do their soul changes to reflect this change. every 1 source of magic is one change to the soul, for example being a wizard changes the soul but so does being a tiefling(but a person can be both there just happened 2 changes to the soul then). changes cause multiple things, first they are what allows for spellcasting partially and second they very often also give more permanent changes or at least more specific abilities. more permanent changes are magical functions but very often are incredibly efficient causing them to cost barely any life energy.

awakening is what it is called when a soul changes after birth, this change is what causes magic and right after awakening it is possible for incredibly rapid growth of the magic abilities to happen. 

Designated energy

some functions on the soul the soul prepares a set amount of life energy for already. when a person generates energy a small portion will be pre prepped for a function like this and then can’t be used for anything else, very often but not always after it was used normal magical energy can be used on it anyway.

energy recharging of the soul

the soul doesn’t always produce energy. one of the functions of sleep seems to be to regenerate magical energy. Some people can train themselves to also have their soul produce life energy during meditation, an example is monks who can regain magical energy on an hour of meditation.

Life energy in matter

Normally the life energy of an object is low. but it can be made higher by imbuing it with more, though an object always has a maximum it can contain.

How much energy in the world?

typically a medium and small sized living thing produces 9 ogron of life energy on a day 8 of which is necessary for living without being exhausted.

The amount of life energy needed to live doesn’t change a lot with size as calorie intake and biological stuff has to do more with size.

typically 100 3m of air contain 1 ogron of life energy

A soul’s impact

Inanimate objects don’t have a soul in a normal situation, they simply have life energy and crumble without it. Things that live, consume life energy over time and need to refill that energy somehow to keep living(it doesn’t replace food but rather is another source like you need to both eat and drink.) things that don’t consume a lot of life energy can be alive without a soul.

A soul’s journey

When a soul dies it changes. a soul kind of goes back to a base state it takes ‘’data’’ from the body and mind it was connected to and the information on itself and stores it away so that it can be reached if needed. The memories, and changes to the soul are remembered. when that soul goes to an afterlife it unlocks the information (of all lives) again so that it can exist in the afterlife. when a person is reincarnated into a new body their previous lives are stored not gone but not accessible. There are exceptions, if a previous life had tremendous magic, that can bleed out and affect this life too and if you come into contact with things from previous lives the memories of that life can become unlocked. if you are resurrected into a body that your soul recognizes they allow that 

rules of reincarnation

there seems to be a logic behind how reincarnation works. while it isn’t completely known, reincarnation doesn’t seem to be completely random. it seems creatures reincarnate based on factors of their previous life, a creature is relatively often the same species group as it was before. however sometimes gods or other powerful entities force souls to a body on reincarnation and in that scenario it of course ignores those rules

A soul’s type

There are multiple types of souls.

Different souls can’t create offspring together.

It is possible but hard to transmute your soul type.

When you transmute your soul you change in physicality to account for the new soul.

Changes make you appear like a creature from that universe, this often comes with some abilities as well.

When a person takes in multiple souls of different types it will cause them great pain and they won’t be able to harness all the souls so there is no benefit to it, all it can cause is split personality if both souls have a personality.

elder evils

Elder evils come from the far realm and all seem to try to take control of a universe to change it into their own form of reality. Every existing reality already has an elder evil that has turned it into their reality. Other elder evils seek to take the reality and turn it into their own of elder evils that already have a reality.

The world tree universe

together with the abyss this is the most important universe.

ruled by the elder evil called the fates.

souls in this world are leaves of the world tree and souls are recycled as well with afterlives.

This world and the abyss unlike most are connected to each other directly, any other reality has to go through the far realm to get there(basically impossible).

souls typically become creatures when 2 creatures get offspring that creates a creature that needs a soul.

The abyss

together with the world tree this is the most important universe.

ruled by the elder evil called tharizdun

Tharizdun wants to turn all existence into a corrupted abyss like landscape.

Souls in the abyss come from demonic creation pools, these pools are also what demons would consider the afterlife. Demons(all creatures native to the abyss) all have a demonic soul. when a demonic soul dies no matter in what reality their soul goes back to their reality into a demonic pool where it’s body reforms around it’s soul, with memory intact. if a demon is killed in the abyss their soul does go back to the pool but is wiped clean of its former memories and status. The body of demons decompose and evaporate quickly when the soul leaves it. the corpse of a demon disappears completely within 14 days except for the bones(which are permanent). The theory is that this was devised by tharizdun to make an incentive to invade other planes. demons seek to find empty souls not demonic because they can corrupt them so that there are more demonic souls. There is a theory that demons can only expand by corrupting other souls. Unlike other creatures, demonic souls seem to randomly become creatures and awaken, this is most likely because the demonic pools already give physical material for the body. Special demons are demons that are unique in appearance but they still function by the same logic. 

demons always seek to kill to improve their status like humans seek to reproduce, it is a logic for both intelligent and unintelligent demons. it is not fully understood how it works but murdering non-demonic creatures improves the status of demons if they murder a lot. The theory is that demons feed on the latent energy released when a soul leaves a body.

Some demons also gain power by consuming once living or living matter.

A very small group of demon species have the power to consume souls(this destroys that soul), they are seen as an actual threat by other demons because of their power.

Demons relatively often also have the power to turn creatures into undead or corrupt humans to become minions as a natural power, it is thought this is to be able to make use of the bodies after they are dead.

guardian demons are the equivalent of angels, they protect the demonic pools and do nothing else, these demons don’t seek to kill others(though some groups have split off on their own accord), they simply protect the pools. demonic gods do exist but are now looked kindly upon since 1 demon hoarding souls means less demons are brought into existence in the first place, it is seen as selfish though it is done of course.

The great clockworks

This universe is ruled by the elder evil primus.

the clockwork souls from this reality are perfect yet rigid.

primus seeks to turn all of existence on other planes too into perfect order.

The creatures in his reality are modrons again in perfect order. a piece of the world tree universe is already corrupted to become like the great clockworks.

Beholder world

there is not anything known about this world beside that souls from this world can multiply by dreaming, not controllable by the creature and that beholder and beholder kin originate from this world

Mindflayer world

the world where mindflayers come from, it also has tree souls which means the original mind flayer world also has a world tree but they are clearly not from this reality.


In definition a god is a creature with 3 or more souls that work together as if they are 1 soul, though incredible levels of power and influence over certain aspects are also associated with being a god. A creature with 2 souls that work together are demi-gods. 

More souls allow for certain techniques that others can’t do. 

  1. gift. Full gods can use souls to at all times be gifting to other individuals, this is one way to have a warlock if they are gifting magic energy or clerics if they are nudging them along. A single soul can be used for a large amount of clerics but only a couple warlocks since warlocks use up a lot more life energy.

  2. avatar. as long as the main body always has at least 3 souls, then souls can split off temporarily to become an avatar. An avatar in this sense is a separate piece of the god that can be on it’s own with it’s own body and act for the main. in terms of being a thinking body it is fully connected to the main body though it won’t get confused if it were having 2 conversations with different avatars for example. avatars their strength depends on how many souls they have.

  3. buff. This makes a soul pour all its energy into improving physical capabilities. There are different ways this can manifest. it can manifest in strength, endurance, dexterity, speed, senses and more. Sometimes it improves all areas a little or it improves less areas but improves them stronger.

  4. heighten. put all the energy into heightening brain function. This mainly increases intelligence.

  5. empower. empower increases magical capabilities that there are. it always uses its energy to empower any magical effect you put out. This allows you to empower abilities beyond what’s normally possible. this isn’t always it can be swapped off if you want.

  6. capability. This gives you new abilities depending on what you are a god or demigod of. the capabilities can be a lot of different things and it really depends on what life energy type your empty souls have taken identity after(discussed below this)

  7. provide energy. This is when you leave a soul without energy and just allow it to produce life energy to be able to use that life energy in abilities that require it. the risk in this is that the more empty souls only produce energy the less efficiency the souls gain causing the amount of extra life energy gained from the soul to lower, so the growth staggers the more souls produce energy.

What extra souls have assigned to them can mostly not change once assigned. Any soul can be swapped to a gift or avatar and back when the god wants. if a soul is assigned buff, heighten, empower or capability it can’t be swapped to any other(beside for avatar or gift, temporarily). providing energy is like the default setting of what it is when you gain the soul so after you assign it it can’t go back to it(again gift and avatar are temporary things).

there is however a problem of efficiency with multiple souls. because so much of the energy is excess in case of a god all souls gain less efficiency, as a result the graph of life energy compared to the amount of souls is an opposite exponential graph instead of a line.

when a god dies their main soul goes as normal, but their other souls stay in the body, having nowhere to go. These souls however do anchor themselves to the body doing everything in their power to not be used and abused. it is theoretically possible to harness the souls inside a dead god in various ways but it is incredibly hard.

When both parents are gods the child will be a god too. the amount of souls the god will have is dependent on the parents. a child has the average of both parent’s souls always rounded down. Beside being born a god you can absorb empty souls to become a god, however doing so is hard since a body isn’t intended to have multiple, if a person attempts to they will be stuck by a huge surge of power that could kill them, if a person already has multiple souls the process will only get harder because the souls already in the body will fight back harder. Beside that basically all places where there are empty souls are guarded by creatures who wish to protect the world tree(they won’t just give souls away no matter what).

Gods very often have power in a specific field. This has to do with empty souls. empty souls seek to attain personality like a normal soul so instead they take on very simple characteristics from the life energy around them. so very shortly after being a god the empty souls take on life energy characteristics around them. things that can cause what powers they develop are: the personality of the person(if they become a god later), the powers of the parents(if they are born with it), the environment they are in(in both cases).

When a person absorbs a soul with a personality initially the 2 souls will fight each other causing the person to develop multi personality disorder(the normal disorder also exists) also making it only 1 of the 2 souls ever produces energy. if a person manages to find peace in their 2 souls they can give als the personality to 1 causing a perfect personality merge and the second soul then becomes a empty soul causing the person to be a demi-god(or god depending on how many souls they have then)

Gods and children. Because of multiple souls the biology of full gods(not demi-gods) they can more often have children against the logic of biology. The more souls a god has the further away from the logic of biology they can have children. First it’s just with all other humanoids, then with the most souls you can have children if both genders are present in the intercourse. The children of these gods often are very unique creatures too that very often can’t have children because their biology is too far off to have a suitable mate.

magic item crafting

In short, magic items are non-living things that have magical properties. Under that description objects that are natural in the world with magical properties(such as magic rocks or magical creature parts) also count as magic items, and while that is true the most known magical items are the ones crafted by creatures.

There are multiple ways to group magic items. The main grouping is between intended and unintended magic items. Intended are crafted by a person with an idea in mind while unintended are accidental, caused by absorption of energy from the environment, emotion or other great life energy output. 

unintentional magic items can be very illogical in how they function, often based on how they were made. An example of an unintentional magic item is a necklace that can force the ghost of a deceased person to appear, caused because of the great sadness the ghost felt before death absorbed into the necklace.

Intentional magic items functions depend on the creator's magic. Arcane magic uses magic items the most as it is the easiest to do for them since they can just add extra pieces of equation to their magical effect to put it on an object, regardless it is really hard for them causing it to still take a lot of them. There is even an entire discipline within arcane magic that specializes in item creation called artifice. Other magic users not of arcane magic can create magic items by over time imbuing objects with the desired effects to make them permanent over time, it is harder to do and is most commonly done by druid circles.

A problem with magic items is life energy, the energy needed to fuel a spell is very limited in an object since it doesn’t produce it. There are multiple things done to get around the problem.

  1. Give the item just enough life energy to carry out what it needs to do once, after that the object crumbles or becomes non-magical again. Sometimes it has multiple uses instead but it still doesn’t have a way to replenish.

  2. Often called a magic tool. don’t let the magic item use it’s own life energy instead allow the wielder to give it theirs. Sometimes it is in the moment of the effect, sometimes it is once to activate for 24 hours.

  3. give it a generator. it is possible to make a magic item charge itself by making it pull from the environment forcefully, this can cause it’s surroundings to crumble if it has to take a lot. Sometimes it takes energy from only a single source, for example if the item uses fire magic and has this it will recharge being in contact with fire since it will have the correct life energy flavour immediately then.

  4. slow replenishment. if an item doesn’t use all of its energy so that it crumbles it will slowly replenish because of life energy radiation, if it is okay to have to wait long before being able to use it again this is the easiest way to replenish life energy.

space and what’s in it

Compared to our own world this world's space works a little differently.

space: in this world the astral sea and space are the same thing. it is the plane that souls move through and that the world tree and all the other planes sit in. If you are in astral form it is safe to move through the astral sea, otherwize the air is toxic to non-native creatures. a person in space will be paralyzed because of breathing initially not dying but still being unable to move on their own. movement in space works by thinking where you want to go.

the far realm border: the far realm if completely unknown what’s in it the appearance of the border however is an inky blackness constantly shifting with slight hues of color. people who went in and came back(very few did) described everything being full of color once they went in.

the world tree: the world tree sits in space. it’s branches and roots spread out. The world tree is connected with itself through teleportation, it isn’t connected in the classic way, instead it’s many outcroppings have portals around them so that the tree is still connected to itself. The portals on the tree are often used to travel the world and they are a blessing if found. The world tree also causes ley lines because of the output of magical energy it has(since it is the source of all life energy in this world). the leylines move slightly over time since the world tree also slightly moves. The movement is in a loop that repeats. Most portals are only open every (roughly 10 years) due to these movements instead of permanent. World tree branches are an ideal place to build a world around since it five a form of an anchor to build upon. The branches do all have individual movement patterns though nobody knows what they are, maybe they are part of some grand design since they move in patterns or maybe it’s just random.

the river styx: this river of dark red liquid flows from the middle of the world tree through into the abyss where it continues, it is considered evil though it really is just neutral. The lower half of the world uses the river as a way of travel and most lower planes are connected to the river for easy access. If a mortal touches the river their memories disappear.

gravity: there are multiple sources of gravity in the world. First the abyss and elemental chaos at the bottom of the world tree try to suck things in causing there to always be a very small bit of gravity(not so small if you are close to it) towards that. large things can just create gravity too like normal. Lastly, very often gods for their own realms and things like demi planes create artificial gravity which is how flat worlds are created.

gajas: the planet made mostly from the dead body of gajas placed on a branch has become a bit of a central point because of how much happened on it. It's branch is located in the middle of the world and it has become a round ball around the branch.

The Sun: the sun of gajas was created by khaos. however it turned out to be an unstable entity and ever since it’s creation light gods have been “supervising” the sun. It required a lot of power to do this and so either 1 powerful god has been doing it like aether in the start or multiple weaker gods. a god that guards the sun can’t just leave cus that would upset planetary balance and cause great heat or cold, the sun would be incredibly unpredictable.

A single god effectively puts multiple souls on duty to guard it and often then has an avatar to actually be somewhere(though they sometimes don’t even do that and stay in the sun). Sun gods are dangerous as a result because they are weaker most of the time unless they choose to abandon their duty for a bit causing a massive power spike.

The moon: The moon or moons of the world are somewhat similar to the sun. the moon however protects a world from the dangers of the astral sea, it interposes a barrier to protect a world from the mainly psychic storms which if that would reach a planet could cause every creature in near continent sized lands to die. This is effectively an extra layer like the ozone that protects from magical energies. this shield weakens or completely stops if not enough gods control the moon. The moon is weaker than the sun and smaller and as such doesn’t require as much power to keep up but there can be multiple moons and each planet needs at least one to be protected, without it life would be incredibly dangerous and hard with a random “smite” from the sky always looming. As a moon god they would also have control over the magic cycle since the moon gives off magic energy that affects magical things that are receptive to the cycle. The amount of moons can change too, as technically anything can theoretically serve as a moon if it’s at least a little large, though most of the time there is only 1 created by khaos to make sure the world doesn’t die.

the stars: there aren’t a lot of stars as we know them since other suns and planets don’t exist much. There are however glowing things in the sky which are pieces of the world tree and sometimes other worlds. if you look very carefully you can see that “stars” aren’t round though if you don’t look really well they just look like stars.

How does it look?: when you are on gajas the sun would be a bit larger than on earth. the moon would vary depending on when in the world, if there could be multiple or only 1 and the size differs too. The night sky would have stars and star patterns like normal in appearance though the sky around it would more often have non-standard colors like purple and green shifting through it. If you look carefully and the planet is in the right position you can also see the river styx snake across the sky.

other worlds: worlds like the feywild and shadowfell are in the same solar system as gajas but have their own moon or moons. The elemental planes have gravity because of the suck of the elemental chaos and they have light because they have their own sun that orbits around the outer edge of the 4 planes as a result the elemental planes never have full night instead the sun is really far away causing it still to be dark. They also always have a moon to protect them, the moon always has an orbit around the sun in a large orbit.

Afterlives have their heat, light and protection done artificially by a spell, there still often is a god providing the energy for it. it is not impossible for afterlives to have a sun or moon in their own right. Lastly the world tree leaves, the angels that live in the world tree get their light and protection from the world tree leaves itself which provides enough that as long as you are close to world tree leaves nothing else needs to be provided. There are always exceptions, as long as there is protection from the astral sea toxic in some form and there is heat provided in some way then it is good.

the abyss: the entire other universe has it’s entry way at the bottom of the elemental chaos. It is described as a large gap with the walls being red stone with hundreds of crevasses. the river styx falls down into the abyss like a waterfall.

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