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Old App Full description:-

Solve Math problems and plot functions.

Full featured scientific calculator . It can help you solve basic calculations to college calculus.

With "Maths Solver" You can solve complex Math problems or plot multiple functions with accuracy and speed.No network access required! which means you don't need internet connected to use its features.

You can plot functions and zoom-in , zoom-out (Press back button to make graph full screen by hiding keyboard )

It covers following areas of Mathematics.


Basic Algebra


Solve equation and system of linear equations




Indefinite and Definite Integration


Set operations i.e Union, Intersection, Mean, Median, Max, Min

Matrix : Determinant, Eigenvalues, EnigenVectors, Transpose, Power


Curl and Divergence

2D function plots

For full list of features see Catalog and Examples in app.

Note: Free version contains ads! $2.99 in-app upgrade to PRO version without ads.

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New App Full description Vesion:-

Solve Math problems and Plot functions. 

Math Solver is a full featured scientific calculator and graphing calculator with widest range of functions available. 

Solves problems in Basic Math, Algebra, Complex Numbers, Trigonometry, Integral and Differential Calculus, Set Theory, Matrix and vector Algebra

Solve equations and system of equations

Find derivatives, definite and indefinite integral

Support for trigonometric inverse-trigonometric and hyperbolic functions

No network access required!   Works offline

It has a offline Catalog with details of each function with example.

Note: Free version contains ads!  In-app upgrade to PRO version to make it ad-free.

* Enter multiple comma separated functions to plot them.

* Press back button to make graph full screen by hiding keyboard

* Press on any example in Catalog to copy it to Solver tab

* Trigonometric functions default input is in radian i.e to calculate Sin(90Degree) to calculate Sine of 90 degree.

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