Minecraft: A German group recreates the Genshin Impact city of Mondstadt in the game

A German group called Skyblock Squad, which is led by Marvin Schmidt, spent the last five months recreating the Genshin Impact region of Mondstadt in Minecraft at a scale of almost 1:1, reported PC Gamer.

But while it was the ambition of following the exact 1:1, the team had to go with a 1:1.15 scale because of the limitations of adding detail and particularly the interior detail in Minecraft. This in turn allowed the group to build the city with buildings with the most accurate Genshin-accurate interiors.

Mondstadt, a major city in Genshin Impact, gets rebuilt in Minecraft

For those who don’t know, Mondstadt is the first major city in Genshin Impact and essentially acts as the main hub for the game for much of its scope. It’s the place where the players get to meet tonnes of in-game characters, pick up quests, and generally spend a lot of time. For a city like this in such a popular videogame, it was only a matter of time before the Minecrafters got interested.

Skyblock’s Mondstadt build in Minecraft (Image via Mojang Studios)

“Reconstructing a whole City out of another game is quite the challenge since you’ve got to take measurements and get the right scale so it does look right in Minecraft,” reads Skyblock Squad’s description of the build.

“The city is actually slightly bigger than the 1:1 scale since Minecraft got limited ways of getting detail into your Builds. Marvin started planning everything out in early August and we finally finished it, so this is 5 months total.”

This isn’t the first time someone built something out of Genshin Impact in Minecraft

But this isn’t only the Genshin Minecraft build in Minecraft by a long shot, because just last month someone built Albedo’s campsite. But it doesn’t look like anyone’s quite managed to build the whole of Teyvat yet, but this is one great start to it.

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