Minecraft Build Recreates Genshin Impact's Teyvat Continent In Full

In a Minecraft megaproject, one very dedicated user fully recreated Genshin Impact\’s Teyvat continent from coast to coast, with locales including Mondstadt, Dawn Winery, Huaguang Stone Forest, and more. The world of Teyvat in Genshin Impact boasts multiple nations spread across seven different regions, each one comprised of vast landscapes for players to explore to their hearts\’ content.

Given Genshin Impact\’s continued rise in popularity, users in other games regularly find ways to bring a bit of Teyvat to their favorite interactive adventures. Several weeks ago, an Animal Crossing New Horizons player rebuilt the nation of Mondstadt using the Nintendo title\’s baked-in creation tools. Just recently, another creative New Horizons user manage to remake the Dawn Winery from Genshin Impact, complete with the manor and surrounding orchard. Minecraft faithful have enjoyed bringing aspects of the miHoYo-developed experience to their sandbox world as well, evidenced by someone\’s recreation of Beidou\’s pirate ship. Is it possible to fit all of Teyvat in the world of Minecraft, though? It would seem so.

Today, January 19, Reddit user H4xolotl shared a nearly three-minute video of a Minecraft megaproject originally posted on Bilibili by the creator – Archi. Notably, the build in question places Genshin Impact\’s continent of Teyvat at the center of attention. In fact, the project itself is a full-scale build of Teyvat, filled with every major nation, region, and then some. The video shows off noteworthy locales such as Dawn Winery, Mondstadt, Dragonspine, Jaeyun Kurst, and Liyue Harbor. Even interiors to some locations received special attention, such as the Mondstadt Cathedral with its high ceilings, chandeliers, and stained glass windows. See the full Teyvat Minecraft megaproject in the video featured below:

Suffice it to say, Archi\’s efforts are nothing short of awe-inspiring. The sheer detail alone is impressive, but the scale of it all seems especially unbelievable. No doubt this counts among the most incredible builds in Minecraft to date.

Minecraft\’s baked-in crafting tools stand in a league of their own, yet develop Mojang Studios keeps finding new ways to up the ante. In the last year, the development team rolled out two major updates – Caves and Cliffs parts one and two – that significantly boosted the experience across all platforms. Creations like the above Teyvat project indicate players will continue to push the envelope in their own right, as well.

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