More Genshin Impact Characters Deserve An Act 2 Hangouts Event

Genshin Impact released two new Hangout Events during the Version 2.2 update, which featured the sleepy ninja Sayu and the famous \”fixer\” Thoma. The Hangout Events were first introduced as permanent story systems during the game\’s Version 1.4 patch. Within these Hangouts, players can unlock multiple scenarios and endings for each character. Depending on the ending received, gamers will receive different rewards and are encouraged to replay the event to unlock every cutscene.

The majority of the characters featured in these events had few or even zero appearances in the story, which is a reason why the character Hangout Events are so popular in Genshin Impact. It allows players to see side characters in fully voiced cutscenes. It also provides an opportunity to learn more about a character\’s backstory or motivations.

During the Hangout Event\’s initial release, characters like Barbara, Bennett, Noelle, and Chongyun were the first allies with Hangouts. Eventually, miHoYo introduced Diona to the event and now Sayu and Thoma will have one as well. It\’s great that Genshin Impact is adding new characters because it offers a chance for gamers to learn more about them, but previous characters also deserve a second Hangout Event.

Why Bennett, Barbara, and Chongyun Should Have An Act 2 Hangout Event

The only character that currently has an Act 2 Hangout in Genshin Impact is Noelle. Within the second Act, players continued to assist Noelle with her desire to become a member of the Knights of Favonius. The event further expanded her story in a compelling way. The first few Hangout characters like Barbara, Bennett, and Chongyun should also have a continuation for future updates. Bennett is perhaps one of the more energetic allies in the story, but because of his supposed bad luck, all his adventure group members left him. A second journey with the boy of misfortune could take players on a more fun even hilarious quest with the character.

The relationship between Barbara and her older sister Jean is an unexplored story in the game. During Barbara\’s Hangout Event in Genshin Impact, players experienced how she handled her idol status in Mondstadt, but a second Hangout Event could explore her awkward relationship with Jean. Throughout previous stories and events, Barbara has shown some insecurities when communicating with her sister, and it would be interesting to see more facets of that story, especially given that her parents are divorced, the reason behind why Barbara and Jean have different surnames. A second Act for the idol of Mondstadt would likely prove popular with fans and would make Barbara a more nuances character.

Out of most characters, Chongyun perhaps had the least screentime in Genshin Impact, especially for being one of the first allies available when the game was initially released. Aside from his first Hangout, Chongyun was briefly seen during the Version 2.1 Moonchase Festival, and having a second Hangout with the exorcist of Liyue will give Chongyun the spotlight he deserves. As miHoYo introduces more Hangout Events in Genshin Impact, revisiting old characters will give fans a chance to explore more about a character\’s story.

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