My team is Aether, Noelle, Xinyan, and Kaeya. Is this a good Genshin Impact team?

I don’t really know what niche you’re trying to have this team/characters fulfill. Despite Xinyan being able to do a lot of Pyro damage, her damage multiplier on her burst is insane, her cons and talents focus her as a physical DPS. Kaeya is a good DPS unit as well as a cryo enabler. However, I don’t know what he’s supposed to do in this team comp aside from providing damage. His talents do provide energy, but at only 2 particles, it’s not doing wonders. Noelle does provide a shield and some healing, however, there are better options to choose from. Mainly due to the fact that her e is on a very long Cooldown and that her burst plus talents require her to be on the field. Also keep in mind that C1–C5 Noelle is completely different than C6 Noelle, where she becomes a very strong DPS unit if you get the latter. Aether’s just there. He’s not really doing anything to benefit that team comp. He can give elemental reaction support, I’m assuming that you’re using Anemo traveler and not Geo, and group up enemies. However, this team comp isn’t focused on creating reactions. Xinyan has very long Cooldowns and does not apply pyro consistently enough to do melt reactions. Your team is kind of all over the place since none of them are able to complement each other in any real way.

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