Now that the flood gates are open for Genshin Impact to have crossovers, who is someone you would like to see in Teyvat, and what element/weapon would they use?

The Final Fantasy 7 roster definitely have a Schneznayan vibe to them, so I’d love to see Aerith / Dendro / Catalyst, Cloud / Pyro / Claymore, Tifa / Anemo / Catalyst (close quarters), and Yuffie / Anemo / Catalyst.

If we’re sticking to the Sony collab, Kratos / Pyro / Catalyst would sound weird, but given that Yanfei already summons giant stamps as her charged attack animations, I’d be fine with Kratos summoning his blades of chaos as part of his attacks, with skills and bursts reflecting a more close-and-personal way of dealing with foes.

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