PlayStation Store Gift Card Comes With Free Genshin Impact Item

Amazon is currently selling $25 PlayStation Store gift cards that boast a free Genshin Impact bonus item. Sony\’s PlayStation Store gift cards come in several different values, including $10, $20, $50, and $100 options. Players can purchase them in-store or online, then use the provided code to apply them to their PSN wallet for digital purchases through the official PlayStation Store. An in-game extra for Genshin Impact spices up the gift card\’s usual offerings.

Developer miHoYo brought the free-to-play action RPG to market in September 2020, treating PC, PS4, and mobile players around the globe to a new and exciting adventure. The title has since received a PS5 upgrade, which introduced much faster loading times, improved textures, and 4K resolution. And the regular content updates keep players returning for more, as hangouts events and new playable heroes continue to expand upon Genshin Impact\’s existing core experience. But those who purchase a specific PS Store gift card through Amazon won\’t have to wait for another update to unlock new Genshin Impact content.

PlayStation users can now purchase a digital PlayStation Store gift card code worth $25 on Amazon, which also nets them access to a free Genshin Impact item. According to text printed at the bottom of the Amazon product page\’s image, this offer ends later this year on December 31. The code to retrieve the Genshin Impact bonus will be sent within 24 hours of purchase, at which point customers will gain access to one of four in-game items. What said items may entail is anyone\’s guess.

Admittedly, this counts as little more than a meager bonus offer at best, especially since players may very well receive something they deem inconsequential. But the \”value add content\” still provides an extra goodie on top of the $25 PlayStation Store gift card, a freebie that some active Genshin Impact users will undoubtedly appreciate.

Genshin Impact Version 2.2 counts as the role-playing title\’s most recent update, having gone live earlier this month on October 13. The content drop most notably introduced the all-new Inazuma area, Thoma as a playable character, and hangout events for both Thoma and Sayu. As has become customary in the world of Genshin Impact, leaks related to the next update are already making the rounds online. One leak, in particular, suggests two more hangout events are in the works, each of which will supposedly come with good and bad endings.

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