Question regarding a Genshin Impact ship: Is shipping Kaeluc wrong?

You can listen to your Yaoi and Gay heart and say no. However, like most other sensible people, the answer is yes. If you read in the original comics there’s bad blood between the two. They have seemed to grow past that, but there is no sign of any potential romance at all if you know what happened in their past.

Diluc was on a mission to kill a dragon, but he was too weak. This leads to his father using a delusion, the same thing that Childe had, to kill the dragon. He was successful, but the delusion backfired and basically crippled his father, leaving him near death. Diluc then had to deliver a coup de grace and killed his father so he won’t have to suffer anymore. When he reported this to the knights of the favonius, they basically told Diluc: “hey, your father just died, but bad news will spread if the public knew how he died. Cover it up somehow”. This led to Diluc leaving the knights and trying to learn about the fatui and delusions. Some time afterwards, Kaeya than basically later reveals that he knew about the Delusion and how it could have backfire. Put yourself in Diluc’s situation right there; your entire world just shattered. You had to kill your father, cover up his death, abandon the dream that you and your father had (getting a vision and becoming a knight), hunt down and investigate what was the role of the Fatui in creating the delusion, and now hearing that your adopted brother had important information that could have prevented all of that from happening.

Now if you’re trying to say that you ship them because of the enemies to lover trope, that is pretty ridiculous. It’s a trope that is romanticized but is extremely hard to write reasonably. Especially considering their backstory, your ship is cracked.

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