Research instruction

Email validation link:

City: San francisco 

Job title: Founder OR co-founder OR startup owner OR Managing Partner OR Investor OR Board Member

Your google query: AND (founder OR co-founder OR startup founder OR CEO) AND san francisco bay area AND ("present 1..11 month" OR "present 1..11 months" OR "present 1 year")

Critical rules:

  1. You should have account on (Any) and be loged in during all the process

Total validation contact guide:

Research instruction
Research instruction

Email validation instruction:

There are more than one way to find email, you should use all of them step by step until you find the email.

  1. Email could in Linkedin profile: just press “CTR+F” on your keyboard and type “@”, after that you can find email on the page.

  2. You could quess email using this service:

I’ll show how to guess it, using profile image above:

First Name and Last name(as on picture): Philip Dur

Current place of work(as on picture): Cyara (just type it in google and find domain:

Research instruction
Research instruction

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