Should I buy the new iPhone SE 2020 or the iPhone XS?

Many people would recommend the Xs straight forward. But in my opinion, you are the one must determine clearly what you expect in a phone to buy the most suitable iPhone for yourself. I will give you some criteria to help you find which one is ok for you.

  1. Design: if you want a phone with a new design, Xs is for you because it has the “notch” screen, and actually iPhone 11 series is using this design currently. If you don’t care much about this, just go for SE 2020. Its design is like the iPhone 6 with touch ID (6–7 years ago), old yet classic.
  2. Battery: you have to use your phone for a whole day long? Xs would be better since it has a bigger battery. SE2020 is like a beast with a minimal amount of juice. You might have to charge it twice a day.
  3. Performance: do you often play (heavy) mobile games like PUBG Mobile, Genshin Impact, Call of Duty Mobile? If you don’t care much about battery life because you always have a power bank with you OR you can charge your phone easily (power sockets around you all the time), choose the SE2020. It is obviously more powerful than Xs because it has A13 chip in iPhone 11 series. It can handle games and heavy tasks (rendering videos, editing high-resolution contents) faster.
  4. Price: SE2020 is cheaper, more affordable than Xs (anyway the Xs was discontinued for a while).
  5. Camera: you like taking photos with your phone and expect an iPhone with better quality? Go for Xs with 2 cameras, surely it can take better photos than the SE2020
  6. Future-proof: actually Apple will support these two for at least 4–6 years (from now – 2021) but since the SE2020 has the latest chipset A13, it will be supported longer than the Xs (of course).

Those are some points you should ask yourself before deciding if the SE2020 is worth your money or not.

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