Should I waste money on Genshin Impact if the banner is ending soon?

That’s on you. If you’re very very very desperate for this character, than by all means. Good luck with the 50/50 and if you’ll have enough primos to wish them. If you’re 3 or 4 wishes away from your 90th wish, than sure. The thing is, every limited character in the game is going to eventually get a rerun (rate up) sometime in the future. For the most part, from my own experience with previous gacha games, the rateup won’t happen for about a year. The reruns that we have right now: Venti, Klee, Zhongli, and Childe are here roughly 6 months since their release. That’s also with a very small list of limited 5 star units. Since the game growing and more 5 stars are added to the roster (random tidbit, but Eula and Kazuha will be coming out soon) the possibility of a rerun is going to be pushed further back.

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