Spyro the Dragon used to be my favorite childhood character, but now I don’t want anything to do with him because of how the series is heading and how badly the fandom treated me. Is there any way I can love him again?

I don’t know about you since that is a deeply personal decision.

I am a big fan of Final Fantasy VI, but never really got into the games later on. That does not keep me from enjoying it and still loving it. And tbh: Fuck the fandom! Stay away from the people on the internet if it does not uplift you. You have the decision to punch the button and leave whatever area you are in.

In Genshin Impact seems to be a big discussion in the fandom. So what? If I see somebody being toxic and not uplifting to me, I go away. I leave the space, click on Ignore or simply ignore those discussions. It does not help me in any way if I get riled up. Same goes for you.

Just remember why you loved him and why you started with it. Stick to that.

Have fun with it!

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