Studying Storyboarding on a Budget

This is a guide for those wanting to learn about storyboarding without going into massive debt due to art school 

Note: This is mostly for boarding for Animation!

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Design is more for you? I have a resource for that!

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Updated: 5/31/21

PWUW= Pay what you want

Boarding Basics!


Rajen Ramkallawan- Introduction to Storyboarding 

Really great playlist of videos that covers the foundation of storyboarding.  Each

video ends with an assignment that you can do to help understand the concept!

Dwooman- Youtube channel

Channel is a great resource for storyboarding but here are some specific videos

Shot Types:

Shot Types and Cuts:

Different types of Camera movements

Storyboard 101- by Matthew Humphreys

StoryboardArt Drawing and Portfolio Challenge

5 videos that go over storyboarding concepts and prompts

Nic Parris’ Storyboarding Process

TV Storyboards: A Survival Guide with Mike Moloney

The Art of the Storyboard with Lyndon Ruddy ($10)


This website is packed with storyboarding knowledge:

Natalie Nourigat’s Storyboarding resources-

Violaine Briat’s Storyboarding guide

Ash’s Bite-sized Board Zine (PWUW):

MB Art Guide to Storyboards(PWUW)

Jim Mortensen Storyboard tips (PWUW):

Nic Parris’ Let’s Learn Some Storyboarding! (PWUW)

Mike Moloney’s TV Board Survival Guide ($10)


Screen Design

Every Frame a Painting: Great film analysis channel

Edgar Wright- How to do Visual Comedy

Jackie Chan- How to do Action Comedy

Akira Kurosawa- Composing Movement

Vanity Fair- Director breaks down a scene

Parasite- Bong Joon Ho:

Rian Johnson- Knives Out:

Studio Binder

Directing Camera Movement:

Shot Composition and Framing:

Ultimate Guide to Camera Shots:

Explanation of Camera Moves

Film Studies for Storyboard Artists (PWUW)

Movie Screencaps

Animation Screencaps



Toniko Pantoja’s Basic Human Anatomy and Figure Invention for Animation 

Sycra’s Playlist on Human Anatomy

Natalie Nourigat Figure Drawing Tips

Toniko’s Drawing Figures Fast with Technique for Animation


Griz and Norm Tuesday’s Tips

Natalie Norigat’s Tips on Loosening Up

Tracing to Learn

Vee’s Tutorials for Art and Animation (PWUW)

Figure Drawing Models (NSFW)

Line of Action

New Masters Academy 

Draw This


Bodies in Motion



Matt Laskowki’s Perspective Class


Thomas Romain’s Tips on Keeping Things in Perspective

Ernest R. Norling Perspective Made Easy

Chelsea’s Tips, Tricks and Tutorials

Bridgit Let’s Talk about Perspective for Storyboarding! (continuous series)

Map Crunch 


Storyboard Pro

Storyboard Pro playlist by Toon Boom

Stephan Park’s Intro to Storyboard Pro Stream

Kaitrin Snodgrass’ Storyboard Pro tutorial

Ben Juwono’s Improving Storyboard Pro Workflow

Toasty’s Tips for Storyboard Pro

Kaitrin Snodgrass’ Parallaxing tutorial

Creating Animatics and Advanced Features

Mike Moloney Lighting tip

Mike Moloney Lens Flare tip

Marie Lum Deleting Hidden Layers tip

MB Art’s Brushes

MB Art’s Guide to Making Brushes 


Storyboard Art- Setting Up Photoshop for Storyboarding

Shiyoon Kim’s Brushes


Rad Sechrist’s Procreate Workflow

Procreate templates

Industry Advice


Netflix Recruiters talk about what they look for in Story Portfolios

Toniko Pantoja Story Portfolios Advice

Michelle Lam Storyboard Portfolio Tips

Michelle Lam’s Accepted Story Portfolio

Meg Lloyd’s Storyboard Summer Hall


Madeleine Flores’ Guide on Breaking into Animation

Lissa Treiman’s Story Portfolio Tips

TAG Story Group Portfolio Website Advice

TAG on Excessive Testing

TAG Story Group is a great resource for learning more about the Guild 

Maaike’s Working in TV Animation Guide (PWUW)

Angie Duran’s Cover Letter, Resume, and Industry Advice ($3)

Thread of what showrunners, recruiters, and directors look for in story portfolios

Interview Advice from Netflix Recruiters

Storyboarding Process/ Day to day

Day to Day of a Storyboard Artist by Latoya Raveneau

Day to Day of a Storyboard Revisionist by Latoya Raveneau

Erik Fountain’s Boarding on Adventure Time Guide

What’s it like to be a Storyboard Artist on Infinity Train by Sam Spina

What’s it like to be a Storyboard Artist on the Regular Show by Sam Spina

Peter Paul’s process of storyboarding at Dreamworks TV

Other’s Story Resources

Natalie Nourigat’s Story Resources

Mike Moloney’s Story Resources

Jen Bennett’s General Storyboarding Advice

Lori’s How I studied Storyboarding Without College thread

Alex’s How to get into Storyboarding for Cheap thread

Open Animation is a great initiative trying to make education available for everyone! 

Follow their twitter and join their discord to learn more


Pixar in the Box Storytelling Lecture

Stu Livingston’s Craig of the Creek Do’s and Don’ts

Ariel VH Storyboard Revisionist Guide

Look into how Recruiters look at Online Portfolios

Storyboard Test Practice 

SCAD SBC is always retweeting good advice/tips

Toniko Pantoja’s Guide to Genuine Expressions

Arieldoodles’ Pitching advice

Marie Lum’s Guide on Using Arrows

The Importance of Hook-Ups by Taylor C

Irene Martini’s Storyboarding Tips

Animation Network constantly posts workshops. Sign up for their newsletter!

Scripts to Board

Storyboard Examples

Storyboard Portfolio Examples 

Amphibi-Crew Tumblr (Board excerpts are posted)

Amphibia Animatic- Reunion 

Steven Universe Future- Volleyball

Home: Adventures with Tip and Oh Pitch

ROTMNT Animatic

Miraculous Ladybug Animatic

Frozen- Into the Unknown Animatic

OC Animatic- Church



Dwooman sometimes does review streams and I learn a lot from seeing how he critiques


Jim Mortensen’s Reviews

LBX2020 StoryboardArt Portfolio Reviews

Nic Parris’ Portfolio Reviews

Rise Up Animation offers portfolio reviews for BIPOC artists

Animation Network provides Mentorship sessions ($30) and Portfolio Reviews ($15)


Discord servers are a great way to help build up a community of artists and connect with others without going to art school. Once you get a good group of artists, I also suggest making a storyboarding focused discord with close friends! 

Animation Story Group

Black ‘N Animated

If you’re a Black creative, message their twitter to get access to their discord server! 

RAD Artists Network

Emotional Support Artists 

Open Animation


Cartoon Network Storyboarding

Building your Storyboarding Portfolio 

Cartoon Network Studios: The Art of Storyboarding


The Art of Storyboarding 

Life Lessons for Storyboarding

Lightbox Expo

Storyboarding With a Point of View by Maggie Kang

The Art of Storytelling

Storyboard Artists Roundtable 

Multi-Artist Storyboard Jam

A StoryboardArt Welcome to Lightbox 2020

The Storytelling Biz Straight from the Pros

Rise Up Animation

Finding Your Voice Part 1

My Journey into Storytelling by Juan Pablo Reyes

Telling Your Stories


The Animated Journey

The Animated Journey was a bimonthly animation podcast featuring

animation professionals working in television, film and games. Veterans as

well as newly minted professionals in the field shared their tales of becoming a part of the animation industry and how they continue to enjoy the journey.

Minkyu and Shiyoon

An Animation Podcast hosted by @shiyoonk and @MinkyuLee1, and

produced by @andygotabird

Black n Animated

An animation podcast to educate, inform and inspire black artists pursuing

careers in animation. Hosted by Breana Williams and Waymond Singleton.

The Culture

A group of artists from the animation industry get to together to talk their

experiences within the industry as well as interview fellow artists to learn about

their journey.

Ink and Paint Girls

Where we celebrate women working in animation, and explore representation

behind the scenes and on the screen.

The Animation Happy Hour




Creative Block

A weekly podcast where we interview animation industry professionals about

their life and career paths!

Hey, Hire Us!

Hey, Hire Us! is a podcast where Abigail and Arielle bring on their talented and

unemployed friends to pitch themselves and talk about the job search. 

The best way to get better at storyboarding is just to storyboard! Here are some prompts if you’re stuck:

  • Character A and Character B hate each other but they must work together to solve a problem 

  • Board your morning routine 

  • Favorite Childhood memory

  • Board your favorite song/song from a musical 

  • Take an excerpt from a podcast 

Feboardary has a lot of prompts to pull from as well

If you can save enough money, Online classes are another option. I would recommend taking one after practice storyboarding on your own for a bit.  Online classes are helpful due to individual feedback. 

Here’s my twitter thread on online classes and other story resources. I’m constantly updating it with random finds. 

This doc is a good start to learning storyboarding but there are probably tons of more resources out there! I would definitely follow your favorite story artists on twitter and Instagram.  A lot of them are constantly posting industry tips or their work 


My DMs are open if you have any questions!

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