Thanos (Marvel) is hunting you down and you’re allowed to summon any 3 video game characters to protect you, who do you choose and why?

The only one I need

Bayonetta herself

Need I say more… she tore a satellite out of space with her thighs, dropkicked the god of creation, can slow time to a degree that bullets barely move at all. She has the ability to summon shiva, the ridiculously powerful (and large) demon out of her hair (she can also summon madama butterfly and gommorah) defy gravity during a full moon, and kick so hard that her legs literally catch fire. I also should mention the entire cache of weapons and artifacts that she can use to make herself untouchable. Bayonetta could honestly curb-stomp comic book Thanos and still look fabulous while doing it.

but if I were to have more I would probably choose the unknown god from the very start of genshin impact. Nobody knows how powerful she is but she seems completely invulnerable, and can just encase thanos in a bunch of energy cubes and teleport him to another dimension to live out eternity alone

and if I had to choose a third it would be kirby because he has canonically infinite power (look it up) and is only about 6 years old and has defeated the literal void.

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