The Best Hydro Characters to Build in Genshin Impact

With so many characters with different functions and abilities, deciding who to build in Genshin Impact can be daunting. However, for players looking to build a team with powerful Elemental Reactions, Hydro characters are a great choice. The Hydro element has both great Support and DPS units, meaning players have plenty of options to choose from if they want to build a Hydro unit.

While Genshin Impact only has a few Hydro characters compared to other elements, they all thrive within their specific roles. As of now, there are five Hydro characters in Genshin Impact. This includes the 5-Star units Kokomi, Mona, and Tartaglia, and the 4-Star units Barbara and Xingqiu. Players will have to pick which characters they want to build based on their needs and playstyle. While all these characters can be good party members if built properly, players should prioritize building certain characters over others if they have them.

For players looking for DPS, the only true Main DPS Hydro unit is Tartaglia. Players with Tartaglia are lucky to have him, as he’s able to use his fun and unique kit to deal massive amounts of damage. Tartaglia is a powerful character who functions fantastically in a Freeze composition with another Cryo unit, and focusing on leveling up his Elemental Skill can make him a seriously formidable foe.

Which Hydro Characters Players Should Build in Genshin Impact

The other Genshin Impact 5-Star Hydro unit players will want to build is Mona. Since Mona is on the Standard Banner, players are more likely to have her than Tartaglia. Mona is a great Support, with both her taunt and her Elemental Burst, which allows players to significantly increase the damage done through Elemental Reactions. Using Mona with a good Pyro Main DPS is a surefire way to obliterate enemies on the battlefield.

In terms of 4-Star units, Xingqiu is one of the best Sub-DPS units in the game. His Elemental Burst allows him to constantly deal Vaporize damage when paired with a Pyro DPS. He can also heal the party. Xingqiu is one of the units that players basically need to build if they’re struggling with getting full stars in Spiral Abyss or just want an extra boost of damage during battle.

While Barbara and Kokomi are considered underperforming units by some Genshin Impact players, these healers can be perfectly feasible in battle with a good amount of time and investment, especially if players are struggling with dying during battle. However, with all of this in mind, as long as players choose characters that interest them most, they’re likely to have a fun time playing and creating combinations with any of these Genshin Impact Hydro units.

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