The Best Kamisato Ayato Build in Genshin Impact (Artifacts, & Talents)

After much rumor and speculation, Kamisato Ayato has finally been confirmed to be coming to Genshin Impact in the Version 2.6 update. As the leader of the Kamisato Clan, and the brother to beloved character Kamisato Ayaka, Ayato is extremely important to the lore of Inazuma, and his attractive design has already made him a hit amongst players.

Kamisato Ayato is a 5-Star Cryo Sword user, whom players will likely be introduced to during the 2.6 main storyline. His banner will be available for the first phase of the 2.6 update, meaning players will have several weeks to pull for him. For players looking to build him, here are what weapons, artifacts, talents, and team compositions work best for him.

Ayato’s kit focuses on dealing large AoE Hydro DMG using his Elemental Skill and Burst, meaning he’ll work best as a Main DPS. As a Hydro unit, Ayato is expected to work best paired with his sister Kamisato Ayaka, so players can easily pair the siblings to freeze massive hordes of enemies.

How to Build Kamisato Ayato in Genshin Impact

Here are all of Ayato’s abilities and how they work:

Normal Attack: Kamisato Art – Marobashi

Perform up to 5 rapid strikes. The charged attack charges Ayato forward, performing a series of slashes.

Elemental Skill: Kamisato Art: Kyouka

Ayato shifts positions and enters the Takimeguri Kanka state. In this state, all of his Normal Attacks are converted into AoE Hydro DMG. The DMG dealt with these attacks scales based on Ayato’s maximum HP. When he enters this state, Ayato leaves behind a water illusion that distracts enemies and explodes once the skill is over, dealing AoE Hydro DMG.

Elemental Burst: Kamisato Art – Suiyuu

Creates a circle on the battlefield that rains down blades that deal AoE Hydro DMG to enemies and increases the Normal Attack DMG of characters within the area.

Most of Ayato’s damage will likely be dealt with using his Elemental Skill, so players will want to level that up first. Next, players can focus on his Elemental Burst, especially if he’s going to be used to support other DPS units.

In terms of artifacts, players will want to run either a 4-piece of the new artifact set ‘Echoes Of An Offering’ or a 4-Piece Heart of Depth set. Echoes Of An Offering gives the character an 18% attack boost and the chance to increase Normal Attack damage by 70% of ATK. Since this artifact set isn’t out yet, it’s unclear how it will work on Ayato. However, the Heart of Depth is a safe bet as it increases Hydro DMG by 15% and Normal and Attack DMG by 30% after using an Elemental Skill.

For artifact main stats, players should use an ATK% Hourglass, Hydro DMG Bonus % Cup, and Crit Rate or Crit DMG Hat. For artifact substats, players should place the highest priority on Crit DMG and Crit rate, followed by ATK% and HP%. Players can place a final focus on Genshin Impact\’s Elemental Mastery and Recharge.

Ayato’s best-in-slot weapon is rumored to be the Haran Tsukishiro Futsu–the 5-Star weapon coming along in version 2.6. This sword has a Crit Rate substat and grants the user an Elemental DMG bonus as well as a Normal Attack bonus. However, any sword with a Crit Rate, Crit DMG, or ATK substat will work well on Ayato.

For team compositions, Ayato is expected to work well with many different characters as a Hydro Main DPS. In addition, he can be paired with a Pyro Sub-DPS to enable Vaporize reactions. For example, Yoimiya is an excellent choice in Genshin Impact, as she can use her Elemental Skill while Ayato’s is on cooldown. As mentioned previously, a Cryo Sub-DPS like his sister Ayaka is a great choice for a Freeze comp too. Finally, if players want to use Ayato as a support, his Elemental Burst can enable characters who use Normal Attacks to deal some significant damage.

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