The Best Upcoming Banners to Pull on in Genshin Impact (December 2021)

New banners are the most exciting part of any Genshin Impact update, and December is coming with plenty of new exciting banners players can spend their wishes on in Version 2.3. Along with the new content from the Shadow Amidst Snowstorms event, players will be able to pull several characters throughout the Genshin Impact update. However, players may want to know which banner is best to pull on before spending their hard-earned Primogems.

The Genshin Impact Version 2.3 update has introduced a new banner system. Now, the first half of the update features two limited banners, each starring a different re-run character. The second half of the update will have the traditional single banner with the new limited 5-Star character. This December, the featured 5-Stars include Albedo, Eula, and the new character Arataki Itto.

Before players can pull on banners in Genshin Impact, they’ll need to make sure they have enough wishes. Limited edition banners require Intertwined Fates. These can be purchased directly when wishing, or through Paimon’s store. Each wish costs 160 Primogems, and the chances players pull a 5-Star unit increases every time they wish. Once players hit 90 wishes, they’ll have a guaranteed 5-Star. If the 5-Star unit they pull isn’t the featured banner one, the next 5-Star they get will be.

What Banners Genshin Impact Players Should Spend Their Wishes on in December 2021

Genshin Impact Albedo and Eula

The first half of the Genshin Impact update features both Albedo\’s and Eula’s banners. Since these characters have been out for a while, players can find information online about how these players fare in battle. Players can also test out how each character feels with the Character Trials in the Event Tab.

Players looking for a new support unit may want to pull on Albedo’s banner. Albedo is a great Sub-DPS who has rapid Geo DMG output capabilities, and his Elemental Skill can be used on the battlefield as well as for exploration. In addition, the game has introduced a new best-in-slot weapon for him, the 4-Star Cinnabar Spindle, and his exciting lore has likely caused plenty of players to fall in love with the character.

For players looking for a new Main DPS in Genshin Impact, Eula will be a better choice than Albedo. She’s one of the few Physical DMG dealing units in the game, making her useful in a variety of combat situations, and her kit allows her to deal some of the highest DMG numbers in the game. Albedo and Eula’s banners share a pity, and both have the same 4-Star units (Bennett, Noelle, and Rosaria). Bennett is considered the best support unit in the game, and Rosaria is a very feasible Sub-DPS unit, so players who don’t have either of these characters should definitely consider pulling for the upped rates.

For players who already have Albedo or Eula, or who are looking for a more versatile damage-dealing unit for their Genshin Impact team, Arataki Itto’s banner may be a great choice. Leaks of his kit reveal that he’s likely to be a great damage dealer, however he also scales off of both Defense and HP, and can increase the ATK speed of the party, making him feasible as a Sub-DPS or Support unit as well. In addition, his banner features Gorou, the beloved canine general.

Gorou’s kit features abilities that make the party stronger depending on how many Geo members are in it. Thus, if players are interested in using Gorou, they’ll benefit from having more strong Geo party members available. This means Arataki Itto’s banner is a great choice, as it has increased rates of pulling Gorou and Itto. In addition, players with plenty of Primogems to spare may want to pull on both Albedo’s banner and Itto’s so they have a variety of strong Geo characters to build.

Overall, there is no one correct Genshin Impact banner to pull on this month. Players will have to make the decision individually based on their preferences, as well as which units they find more appealing.

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