The Best Upcoming Wishes to Pull in Genshin Impact (April 2022)

The arrival of new banners is one of the most anticipated parts of any Genshin Impact update, and April 2022 is coming with plenty of new characters and weapons players can spend their wishes on. The new month is arriving with the new Version 2.6 update, which will introduce one new 5-Star, as well as the return of several beloved ones. Players are going to want to know which characters are coming up so they can plan before they spend their hard-earned Primogems.

In the 2.6 update, Genshin Impact will be running 4 different banners over the course of the next few weeks. The first half of the update will feature one new 5-Star character. The second half of the update will feature two banners running at once, each starring a different previously released 5-Star character.

To pull for characters on banners in Genshin Impact, players are going to need wishes. Wishing is the action of gambling on a banner to see what characters the player can get. To wish for a character on the limited banners, players will need to buy Intertwined Fates, which can be purchased when wishing (or through Paimon’s Shop) for 160 Primogems each. Every wish has around a 1% chance of pulling a 5-Star character. Once players hit 90 wishes, they’ll be guaranteed a 5-Star, and if the 5-Star they pull isn’t the one featured on the banner, the next 5-Star they get has a 100% of being the featured one.

What Banners Genshin Impact Players Should Spend Their Wishes On in April 2022

Genshin Impact Banners 2.6 Ayaka Venti Best Wishes Pull

The first phase of the Genshin Impact update will see the release of the heavily anticipated Kamisato Ayato. As the brother of the beloved Kamisato Ayaka, Ayato is the head of the Kamisato Clan. He’s a 5-Star Hydro Sword unit who’s expected to work well as both a Main DPS and Support. His kit uses the Hydro element to deal rapid Hydro damage with massive AoEs. As a Hydro unit, he will likely work fantastically with his Cryo sister Ayaka, as well as any other Cryo or Pyro units. For players looking for a new strong damage dealer, or for those who love his chic design, Ayato is a great character for players to pull.

The second phase of the Genshin Impact update will feature re-runs of both Ayaka and Venti. Ayaka is a 5-Star Cryo Sword user whose high damage and large AoE makes her a great Main DPS, and a perfect character to pair along her brother Ayato. Venti is a 5-Star Anemo Catalyst user whose main appeal is his Elemental Burst that groups up enemies with ease, making him a great utility support. If players need more damage on their team, they’ll want to pull for Ayaka. If players are struggling with content like the Spiral Abyss and need help dealing with hordes of enemies quickly, Venti is the way to go.

The first phase of the weapon banner will feature Haran Tsukishiro Futsu, a 5-Star Sword with a Crit Rate bonus stat, that grants the user an Elemental DMG bonus. This weapon is made for Kamisato Ayato, as it works perfectly with his kit to boost his damage. The first phase will also have the 5-Star Bow Elegy for the End, which has an ATK secondary stat and also increases Elemental Mastery, making it a great bow for Venti.

The second phase of the banner will have the Mistsplitter’s Reforged, a 5-Star Sword with a Crit DMG bonus stat, as well as an Elemental DMG boost. This Genshin Impact weapon was made for Kamisato Ayaka. The weapon banner is notoriously tricky in terms of getting the desired weapon, so players shouldn’t try it if they’re low on wishes. However, for players with Primogems to spare, they should pull for the weapon of the character they intend to invest the most in.

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