The Best Upcoming Wishes to Pull in Genshin Impact (February 2022)

Genshin Impact has new banners for the month of February, and while for the first half of the month there aren’t any new characters or weapons, players do have a chance to get their hands on some that they may have missed the first time around. Even if players have gotten a particular character before, it’s worth it to have multiple copies. This will fill out a character’s constellation, making them more powerful than before. It also generates Masterless Starglitter, which allows players to buy a host of things including featured characters.

It may be the shortest month of the year, but February is packed full of things. Notably, there is the return of the Lantern Rite festival, in which players can get a free outfit for Ningguang and even a free 4-star character. Later in the month, update 2.5 will launch. Players may see the release of new characters, though right now that is still unconfirmed.

Not only that, but February is also an exciting month for other games too. Games that release in February 2022 include Sifu, Total War: Warhammer III, Horizon Forbidden West and one of the most highly anticipated games of 2022, Elden Ring. While these games may not necessarily appeal to players of Genshin Impact, they all do have fantasy elements and other similarities in terms of gameplay or story, so they might be worth checking out.

February 2022 Banner Wishes in Genshin Impact

The first Genshin Impact banner set for February technically started in January, but it runs through the first half of the month so it is included here. It has two character banners, each offering the chance to get a previously released 5-star character. The first banner is named Gentry of Hermitage, and features Zhongli. Zhongli is a powerful Geo polearm wielder and features prominently in the Liyue story arc. The other banner is titled Adrift in the Harbor and features Ganyu, the bow-wielding Cryo adeptus. The banners both share the increased chance of pulling 4-star characters Xingqiu, Beidou, and Yanfei.

For those not interested in these Genshin Impact characters, there is also the weapon event wish banner. Players can choose either the Vortex Vanquisher or Amos’ Bow on the epitomized path. This doesn’t guarantee that players get their 5-star weapon of choice, but it does increase the odds. Both are powerful weapons. There are also several 4-star weapons that players can obtain.

The second half of February sees the release of Genshin Impact version 2.5. It’s still unknown exactly what the banners will be, but at some point, the much-anticipated Yae Miko will show up. She has featured in the story before and is a popular character, so many players have been saving up their primogems for when she finally becomes a playable character. This will happen either in February or March, so the long wait is nearing its end.

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