The Best Ways to Play Genshin Impact Without Spending Money

There are a few ways to experience Genshin Impact without spending any money. Genshin Impact is a free-to-play title available on most mobile devices and on PlayStation. For the most part, players can experience much of what the game has to offer without putting in any cash. The real question is how far can players go without needing to pay at least a little real money. Genshin Impact is a free-to-play title, meaning that publisher MiHoYo needs to incorporate microtransactions to make money. For Genshin Impact, this takes the form of the Wish mechanic.

The Wish mechanic allows players to spend Primogems to pull for 5-star characters or, sometimes, equipment. 5-star characters are the strongest characters in Genshin Impact and have unique abilities and cinematic powers to help them stand out. Primogems are a finite resource, meaning that players who don\’t want to wait to save up can use their real money to purchase more Primogems. It\’s important to mention that players don\’t need to wish for any of these characters to enjoy the game. Genshin Impact does allow players to unlock more characters than are needed for their party without putting any money into the game.

There are still tons of ways to earn Primogems for Wishes without putting money into the game. It just means it will take a bit longer to earn and save enough to Wish for 5-star characters. These are all the different ways to earn Primogems for free and get the most out of Genshin Impact without microtransactions.

How To Play Genshin Impact Without Spending Money

Promo Codes: Keeping an eye on Genshin Impact\’s social media pages will work beneficially for free-to-play players. MiHoYo often drops codes that can be claimed for free items and in-game currencies, including Primogems.Completing Dailies: Aim to finish the four daily quests that are given to players from the Adventurer\’s Guild. These can be done within 15 minutes and will work well to build up Primogems.The Spiral Abyss: This is a 12-player dungeon that players can complete to earn stars. The more stars the players earn, the more Primogems they receive at the end. For example, players can earn up to three stars per chamber, earning 50 free Primogems each time.Events: Genshin Impact hosts a ton of events that provide players additional tasks that reward Primogems. These are typically only around for a limited time, meaning players should clear them out as quickly as possible when they appear.Exploring: Opening chests and discovering new locations will provide players more Primogems.Completing Side and Story Quests: Clear out any missing tasks or objectives. This is important for getting the full picture of the world and will grant more Primogems.

For the most part, players can experience the entire game of Genshin Impact without putting money into it. Free-to-play players will have a harder time pulling for 5-star characters, but it\’s not impossible. While 5-star characters are technically stronger, 4-star characters can still get the job done.

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