The Best Wish to Pull in Genshin Impact (September 2021)

A new month means new pulls in Genshin Impact. Saving up those Primogems by completing Daily Commissions or exploring the overworld of Teyvat does have its uses with the Wish system. Players are able to risk it all for a chance to find a new 5-star character. With new updates, comes along a new set of anime heroes and heroines to add to the collection. The best Wish to pull in August boiled down to the Heron\’s Court banner. With September right around the corner and update 2.1 coming along with it, a new set of characters and banners will be joining the ever-growing roster.

Version 2.1 of Genshin Impact will provide players with big reveals with a handful of new content. Even though 2.0 has only just been released with Inazuma, version 2.1 is adding even more content. This time around, it will bring along 2 additional islands for players to explore. These two islands are Watatsumi Island and Seirai Island and its inhabitants will point players in the right direction for which new characters will be joining the September banners.

The new set of characters will begin to release starting on September 1st. While the exact names of the banners aren\’t available, the characters that will be a part of them have been revealed through the beta program. Here are the best banners available in September 2021.

Pull For New Characters In Genshin Impact

This time around, players will be introduced to Sangonomiya Kokomi and Shogun Baal. Koko is a 5-star Hydro character who is the Divine Priestess of Watasumi Island. In the case of Baal, they are an Electro Archon character that uses a polearm and a sword. The banners that will potentially pull for these characters are amongst the best for September 2021. Its exact name has yet to be revealed, but these characters will be a part of it.

Not only that, but players can pull for Horizon Zero Dawn\’s very own Aloy. The thing that makes this character so interesting is not the fact that this is the first-ever cross-over character introduced in Genshin Impact, but this character will be made completely free. Aloy is a 5-star Cryo character that will be available for PlayStation owners a month early. These are all the new additions coming in September but more will likely be announced as the weeks go by. Start saving up those Primogems.

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