The Best Wishes to Pull in Genshin Impact (October 2021)

Some of the best banners are coming to Genshin Impact in October 2021, this will surely push players to start saving up their Primogems. For most characters, the only way to obtain them is through the game\’s Wish mechanic. Through this, players bet their Primogems for a chance to pull a 5-star character, or more powerful weapons. For the most part, 5-star characters are only unlocked through the banners, and players will still need luck on their side to earn them.

Banners typically last about 3 weeks before they are replaced with another one. The most recent active banner in the game is Drifting Luminescence, which introduced Kokomi into Genshin Impact. It also gave players the chance to pull for Xingqui, Rosaria, and Beidou as well. This banner began in September but will carry over into October until about halfway through the month. It\’s expected for the next banner to release on October 13th since this is a schedule that Genshin Impact follows but it is not 100% guaranteed.

With October right around the corner, players are itching to spend their hard-earned Primogems. The new banners introduced in October will likely bring over a new character. This is what players can expect for the best banners to wish for in October 2021.

The Best Banners in October 2021 in Genshin Impact

Drifting Luminescence: This is a banner that was introduced in September, but is carrying over into the next month. Players looking to pull for Kokomi will need to pull from this banner before it expires. Although, Kokomi has left players torn on her viability.Version 2.2 Update: This update is scheduled to be released starting in the middle of October. Players have speculated that characters like Gorou, Thoma, and Yae Miko will be added to the game as part of this update. They all originate from Inazuma and will likely continue to build on the lore of this new location. This information comes directly from the game\’s beta form which is open to those interested in participating.Weapon Banner: This typically changes and for players looking to avoid investing in a new character but would rather spend their Primogems on new weapons for their existing roster. Currently, players have the chance to pull for Everlasting Moonglow and the Primordial Jade Cutter.

Genshin Impact will also likely feature a Halloween-themed event during October. Events have been the best way for players to earn free Primogems. Overall, players should look at the banners as they become available to better gauge which pick would be best for them.

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