TL – Initial Consultation Questionnaire


  • Assess where you are currently, as an organization or individual

  • Determine your needs (website, coaching, etc)

  • Understand some of the options for moving forward

Background Questions 

  • What did you come here today hoping to learn?

  • What is the purpose of your organization/business, and what do you want to get out of your website / app / online presence?

  • What is the main purpose for your website? 

  • How will you measure success for your site / business?

Who are the main audiences for this site?  

  • Describe a typical person that will be visiting and interacting with your site (i.e. your customer)

  • Gender, Age, Career Level, Income Level

  • Where they live (urban, suburban)

  • other interesting aspects of your customer base

  • What type of content they will be most interested in

  • What type of devices they will be using to interact with your site

  • How did they get to your site (find out about it?)

Your Marketing Strategy and assets

  • Do you currently have an online presence?  If so, what is your URL?  Do you have twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, etc?

  • Describe your decision-making process.  Do you have a single person in charge or marketing and administration, or do you make decisions in a committee?

  • Do you have a writer/content developer who will be creating text, or do you need help with this?

  • Do you have a graphic designer and/or a design already in place, or do you need help with this?

  • What is your annual budget? (for marketing organizations)

  • What is the budget you have allotted for building your new website?

  • What is the budget (time and money) that you have allotted for your website/social media, etc

Hosting and infrastructure (Very important)

If you have an existing website 

  • Where is your website currently hosted? What technology do you currently use for your website?  

  • Do you already have a domain? Where did you purchase your domain name from?

  • Do you have all of your passwords or can get them from someone?  (we can’t proceed if we don’t have access)

For Membership Organizations:

  • Describe your members and their roles. How do you currently administer the membership?

  • Do people pay to be members?

  • What membership-specific information or tools do you expect to deploy?  Will there be special, members-only content?  What about document sharing, chatrooms, etc?

For storefronts (if you are selling products or services on your site):

  • What kind of products / services do you want to sell?  Are they digital, physical, etc?

  • How many products do you have?  

  • Do you already have a way to do this online?

  • Do you sell a subscription product?

  • Do you have a business license?  

  • Will you be shipping merchandise or is it all electronic?  

    1. Will you need to collect tax?

If you are hosting (or listing) events: 

  •  What kind of events will you be posting on the site?

  •  Do you plan to register people for events, or will that be done through a third-party service?

  • Who will be submitting events to the site, and who will be determining whether they should be listed?

What do you want to learn?

  • Do you have some examples of websites that have the type of functionality you like?

  • Describe some specific features or design elements that you like for each site (Social Sharing, Commenting, Blog, Event Calendar, Downloadable content, etc.)

  • How to make a site?  Update a site?  Create social media presence? Create an email list of subscribers to your site?

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