Tsurumi Island Electroculus Locations in Genshin Impact

There are 30 Electroculus collectibles for players to find on Tsurumi Island in Genshin Impact. Players will be able to collect a total of 181 Electroculi across the six unique regions that make up Inazuma. In order to find and obtain each Electroculus collectible, players will need to complete a variety of quests and use Electro Sigils in Genshin Impact to upgrade the Sacred Sakura Tree.

The Electroculus collectibles in Genshin Impact are used to upgrade the Statue of the Seven in Inazuma. Players will receive experience, Inazuma Shrine of Depths keys, Primogems, Electro Sigils, and Memory of the Violet Flash items. To get every reward from the Statue of the Seven, players need to travel to each island in Inazuma and find all 181 Electroculus collectibles.

To reach Inzauma, players will need to complete the Archon quest, \”The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia,\” as well as level up to Adventure Rank 30. In order to get to Tsurumi, players will also need to complete Genshin Impact\’s \”Seirai Stormchasers\” quest and the \”Particularly Particular Author\” quest. Once all the requirements are met, players can head to Tsurumi to find 30 Electroculus collectibles.

Finding Every Electroculus On Tsurumi Island In Genshin Impact

Some of the Electroculus collectibles will be found while players are progressing through the \”A Particularly Particular Author\” quest. Players will also need to complete parts of \”Through the Mists\” to obtain the Peculiar Pinion in Genshin Impact that will be used to reach Electroculus collectibles. The 30 Tsurumi Island Electroculi can take some time to find, but they are fairly easy to locate after players complete the required quests.

Tsurumi Island Electroculus Locations

At the southernmost tip of Tsurumi near the Teleport Waypoint, there\’s an Electroculus near a stone arch.Northeast of the previous collectible near Wakukau Shoal, there\’s an Electroculus that player can reach by gliding off of the tall cliff.At Moshiri Ceremonial Site, there\’s an Electroculus inside the stone altar.There\’s an Electroculus in the pool east of the Moshiri Ceremonial Site.North of the Moshiri Ceremonial Site, players can find an Electroculus in Genshin Impact guarded by Rifthounds.Northeast of the previous collectible, there\’s an Electroculus at the center of the round rock structure.Players can then head northwest to find an Electroculus floating near Electro Mages.Next, players can go north to the beach and collect an Electroculus from the top of a rock.Players should go southwest from the previous collectible to find an Electroculus in a cave near the water.There\’s an Electroculus further south on a large hut.Inside Mount Kanna, there\’s an Electroculus near the large tree.From the top of Mount Kanna, players can glide south to find an Electroculus.West of Mount Kanna, there\’s a stone arch with an Electroculus above it.Southeast from the previous collectible and across the river, there\’s an Electroculus behind a Thunder Barrier with an Electrogranum nearby.Near the southwestern edge of the main island, there\’s a smaller island with an Electroculus floating above it.

North of the previous collectible, players can find an Electroculus at the bottom of the waterfall by the river.Players can then go northeast to find an Electroculus floating above a large rock.Just west of Autake Plains, players can find a Genshin Impact Electroculus behind a Thunder Barrier with an Elctrogranum nearby.There\’s a small island northwest from the previous collectible with an Electroculus that players can reach by gliding from the main island.Players will need to bring Seelies to reach the Electroculus underwater inside the crater at Shirikoro Peak.At the top of Shirikoro Peak, there\’s an Electroculus behind a Thunder Barrier with an Electrogranum nearby.Next, players can go east to find an Electroculus behind another Thunder Barrier.There\’s another Electroculus to the northwest floating above the beach with an Electrogranum nearby.On the small island to the northeast, players can find an Electroculus behind a Thunder Barrier with an Electrogranum and a Rifthound nearby.During \”A Particularly Particular Author\” players will need to use the Peculiar Pinion in Genshin Impact to collect an Electroculus in the cave beneath Shirikoro Peak.Players can also use the Peculiar Pinion on the owl wall to find another Electroculus in the cave beneath Shirikoro Peak.Players can keep going east through the caves to find another underground Electroculus.North of Chirai Shrine, players can use the Phase Gates to collect an Electroculus.At the northeastern edge of Tsurumi, players can find an Electroculus surrounded by Electro Mines with an Electrogranum nearby.In the far northern region of Tsurumi, in the middle of a cluster of tiny islands, there\’s a slightly bigger island with an Electroculus on top of a rock.

After collecting all 30 Electroculus collectibles on Tsurumi Island, players can go to one of the other regions to finish their collection. Electroculi can also be found on Watatsumi, Narukami, Kannazuka, Seirai, and Yashiori. Each region has a different number of Electroculus collectibles to find, with Narukami having the most at 39. Finding all 181 Inazuma Electroculus collectibles will allow players to fully upgrade this area\’s Statue of the Seven in Genshin Impact.

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