Watatsumi Island Electroculus Locations in Genshin Impact

There are 21 Electroculus collectibles for players to find on Watatsumi Island in Genshin Impact. Players will need to travel to most of the small islands that make up Watatsumi in order to find all of the Electroculi. Inazuma is split up into six regions, including Watatsumi, and there are a total of 181 Electroculus collectibles to find across each main island.

The Electroculus collectibles can be used to upgrade the Statue of the Seven in Inazuma. Players will receive Genshin Impact\’s Electro Sigils, Primogems, Memory of the Violet Flash items, Inazuma Shrine of Depths keys, and experience for upgrading the statues. Players will need to find every Electroculus collectibles in order to claim all of the Statue of the Seven rewards in Inazuma.

To gain access to Watatsumi, players will need to get to Inazuma. After reaching Adventure Rank 30 and completing the Archon quest, \”The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia,\” players will be able to travel to Inazuma. Players can then reach Watatsumi Island using the Waverider in Genshin Impact to cross the water. Players can start at the northeastern island and work their way around Watatsumi to collect all 21 Electroculi.

Finding Every Electroculus On Watatsumi Island In Genshin Impact

While traversing Watatsumi Island, players will come across some Electroculus collectibles that require passage through a Thunder Barrier. The higher level barriers will require players to use Electro Sigils to upgrade the level of the Sacred Sakura in Genshin Impact. Players can get Electro Sigils as rewards for upgrading the Statue of the Seven, so gathering Electroculi can help players reach the collectibles that are behind barriers.

Watatsumi Island Electroculus Locations

On the northeastern island, players will need to solve a stone puzzle in Genshin Impact to access the high level Thunder Barrier and claim the Electroculus behind it.West of the previous collectible near Suigetsu Pool, players can find an Electroculus at the cave entrance.Players will need to hit the Electro squares to get the Electrogranum and reach the Electroculus west of the previous one.Next, players can head to the island north of the previous collectible to find an Electroculus beneath a rock overhang.Players can go to the beach in the northwest part of the main island to find another Electroculus underneath a rock overhang.Near Mouun Shrine, there\’s a cave with an Electroculus inside, and players can reach it by gliding southwest from the shrine.East of the previous collectible, players can find a Genshin Impact Electroculus by destroying a pile of rocks close to the water.Next, players can go north to find an Electroculus behind the waterfall.From the Sangonomiya Shrine Teleport Waypoint, players can glide west to find an Electroculus in the air next to the Sangonomiya Shrine roof.From Mouun Shrine, players can go north to find an Electroculus on a ledge close to the top of the waterfall.Northeast of the previous collectible, there\’s an Electroculus between two tall cliffs.

Players can travel east from the last Electroculus to find another near the top of the tall cliff.After upgrading the Sacred Sakura Tree in Genshin Impact, players can access an Electroculus behind a Thunder Barrier southeast from the previous collectible.Near the central-eastern edge of the main island cluster, players can find an Electroculus behind the waterfall.There\’s a cave next to the previous Electroculus where players will find another collectible, but it can only be accessed after completing \”The Moon-Bathed Deep.\”Southwest from the previous collectible, there\’s an Electroculus floating near a big rock.Players can keep heading southwest to find another Electroculus on top of the large stone arch.Next, players can go west to Bourou Village to find an Electroculus in between two houses.Directly south from the previous collectible, there\’s an Electroculus near the big rock formation.For the next Electroculus, players can go east toward the beach and use the Electrogranum or Electro Seelies to reach the collectible.Players can use Genshin Impact\’s Waverider to reach an Electroculus southeast of the previous collectible.

Once players find all 21 Electroculus collectibles, they can focus on getting the rest of the Inazuma Electroculi across the other five main islands. Players can upgrade the Statue of Seven to level 10 using the 181 Electroculus collectibles found on Watatsumi, Seirai, Tsurumi, Yashiori, Kannazuka, and Narukami. Locating every Electroculus collectible in Genshin Impact can be time-consuming, but there are worthwhile rewards for finding them all.

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