What are nice free-to-play video games for PCs?

Apex Legends: pretty unique in the Battle Royale scene for its character abilities for players to utilise and interesting movement. Its also available on Xbox and Switch so that means if you so wish you can plug those controllers into your PC and still play.

Valorant: another technical shooter, which I enjoy very much! Also has agents with different abilities, which keeps gameplay interesting. There’s also multiple modes, so you’re not just limited to basic gameplay.

You into RPGMMOs?

FFXIV (Square Enix website)has a free trial up to level 60 which includes the critically acclaimed Heavenwards expansion with no restriction on play time! Only difference between Free trial and the full game is the free trial you have no friends :(, but that’s OK! Remember, free trial, not the full game.

Phantasy Star Online 2(Steam): New Genesis(PSO2) is a sci-fi MMO which is completely free to play, it’s combat reminds me of monster hunter sometimes, and it’s fun to play! New Genesis is open world, while the original PSO2 is instanced. They come in a two in one package and I heard you can take character data over to each game, so that’s good.

osu!(osu! Offical site) A good, and sometimes addictive rhythm game. Click the circles! Or do 4k, taiko or catch! All the maps are community built, you can play solo or against other people. It’s fun!

VR Chat(Steam): if you like to social, this is the game for you. You don’t need VR to play VR chat, and there’s some cool mini games made by people in the game. It’s more a chat room than a game though

SCP Secret Laboratory (Steam): based of the SCP Foundation, you are at a facility that’s going into lock down. You will spawn in as either an SCP, a scientist, a D-Class, or two of the guard types that I have forgotten the name of. Gameplay is pretty simple, and fun to play alone or with friends

Genshin Impact (Mihoyo official website, Epic Games): what many people call the BOTW clone but with 2.0 and the Inazuma region releasing very very soon, it’s very hyped at the moment. Its open world, and yes there’s gacha but it’s a good time waster!

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