What are some fun facts about the Genshin characters? It can be about their skills, personality, or even something from their voiceovers.

  1. Aether and Lumine have more than a 500 year age-gap between them, Despite the fact that they’re twins. That’s as old as when the Dendro Archon first came to rule!
  2. Aether is actually the canon protagonist of the game, Which is why even if you choose to play as Lumine, The character’s voice-overs still refer to Lumine as he/him.
  3. Venti’s Gnosis getting taken away from him is suspected to be a fake-out, Seeing how he gave his godly powers to Dvalin before his Gnosis was taken by Signora. If this is true, Then the Fatui might have to end up fighting Dvalin to get Venti’s Gnosis.
  4. Jiangxue, An NPC, Actually threw away the Vision that one of the Archon’s gave him.

That’s all I have for now, Sorry-

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