What are some games to make videos on my channel?

Just about anything will do. Of course, it helps if the game(s) is/are popular at the time. Then it’s a matter of others finding the video(s) in the ocean that’s YouTube.

I’d suggest doing some research into the searches about your game(s) first. Get a good idea IF anyone would be looking for the type of content you’re making or trying to make. From there it’s all on the quality of the video. NOT just the video itself. It’s the video itself and what it contains.

Take the example of Genshin Impact. If you make a video about that game containing “How-to Jump”, naturally, that’s going to suck for you and anyone wasting their time watching it. On the other hand, a video containing “How-to Defeat the Most Difficult Parts of the Game Easily Using Legit Strategies and Tactics”. Ok, THAT might get some attention!!

In going with just plain fun “How-to Screw Up Massively in Genshin Impact!!”. That might get some attention too!! You don’t have to always be serious about things.

Either way, good luck with it.

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