What are some things that the video game and anime communities need to stop doing?

Hating on another video game or anime.

Just shut it if you do not like One Piece, love Witcher 3 or despise Death Note, cannot watch Last of Us or hype Fairy Tail, or loath Attack on Titan, hate Sword Art Online or cannot get enough of Genshin Impact … And now turn the emotional verbs upside down for every one of those.

I mean: Please, get a grip. Views are all subjective and what one finds extremely fascinating, another finds deeply disturbing.

Live and let live. I love that we have this diversity in video games and anime/manga so everybody can find their own personal favourites. You can certainly talk about your favourites and share your excitement for them, but STOP HATING ON OTHER PEOPLE for not sharing your views.

That’s something I would insist on if I had any say in this matter. 🙂

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