What are the 5-star weapons in Genshin Impact?

There are a total of 3 sets of five star weapons.

Skyward Set:

Skyward Blade – Sword

Skyward Atlas – Catalyst

Skyward Pride – Greatsword/Claymore

Skyward Harp – Bow

Skyward Spine – Spear

Golden Majesty aka Zhongli set

Vortex Vanquisher – Spear

Summit Shaper – Sword

The Unforged – Claymore

Memory of Dust – Catalyst

Primordial Jade Set

Primordial Jade Spear

primordial jade Blade.

The rest are Staff of Homa, Wolf’s Gravestone, Amos’ Bow, Aqulia Favonius and Elegy of the End. the last one is a set but until another comes in, I aint counting it.

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