What are the bad things about playing Genshin Impact?

  1. It’s a work in progress. This means that even after the 1.1 release, there’s still a lot of content that’s coming. While you can still play the heck out of the game now, it’s still barebones compared to what you’d get in even 6–12 months. While that doesn’t seem bad, the thing is that people — especially streamers — get so involved in the gameplay and have to spend hours on end playing, that content dries up VERY easily for them. The thing is, some of the existing and new mechanics actually encourage you to spend less time playing, which suggests to me that it’s more for the casual gamer than the dedicated one. Get in, do the daily quests, enjoy the farming and exploration bits, maybe finish some of the stories if you still have them, then log out; easily done in anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours (no love for the 5–24 hour streamers out there).
  2. It’s a gacha game. If you hated loot boxes, you’ll loathe the gacha system.
    1. That being said, I just find it silly that some people treat Genshin Impact and gacha systems as “pay to win” even when there’s virtually zero competitive play in the game(s), but I do understand that the gacha system can be very addictive, so if you have a penchant for “whaling” or can’t control your spending habits, steer clear of this game.
    2. Thankfully, the game is free, so there’s merit to having an in-game store, unlike what some game publishers have been trying to pull off recently (paid game + in-game store).
    3. Additionally, you start off with a really good “main character” performance-wise, and if you really want to stick to just pure free to play (no gacha), you can actually complete all stories and do fairly well in the Spiral Abyss challenges with the 6–7 total characters you get, so the motivation really for spending boils down to less down time from the in-game gate (resin), and more characters (mostly waifus) that have fancier animations (and sometimes performs better — emphasis on *sometimes*) than what you get for free.
      1. Free characters: Traveller, Amber, Kaeya, Lisa through story, then Xiangling from Spiral Abyss 3–3, and then Barbara through an in-game promo
      2. If you want to take advantage of the free wishes, you can get Noelle for free too, at 100% success rate, as part of the novice banner.
    4. Even some of the best 4-star weapons can be crafted, and while the artifacts are random, you’re not required to stick to certain sets (they just happen to work better for the characters that you have, than other sets). So just grind away and you’ll eventually get at least some semblance of what you’d need to empower your characters significantly enough to “win”.
  3. It is a grindfest. This is not a game for those who want to get everything immediately or quickly; those who do, will likely find themselves with empty wallets fairly quickly (and they won’t even get everything they need to actually progress in the game itself, just cutting on farming some materials). There aren’t even raid bosses or player-killing areas, just a vast open world with every opportunity and reason to explore, and domains that are mostly time challenges (the three bosses available [Dragon, Wolf, Tartaglia] are tied to the story and are still more like stuff to farm than something to get your friends in and fight).

Speaking of which, this is the mindset you need to have when playing Genshin Impact: Genshin Impact is a single player game with limited co-op elements and has heavy emphasis on story and exploration. If you try to do the “pay to win” route, ultimately you’re just playing yourself, as yeah you could get all the quests and clear Spiral Abyss 12–1 sooner than everyone else… but then what? You’re still gated by the same things that free to play casual players are stuck with — resin, farming, and story — so by rushing through the story, it becomes really, REALLY easy to feel like the game is empty… when in fact, as mentioned in #1, content is still being pushed out.

The only things I recommend spending on in this game are the Blessing that gives you 300 primogems + 90 extra primogems a day, as well as the Battle Pass. That’s just what, $15-$16 USD every month [or even every other month if you don’t feel like spending that much], if you even feel like investing in the game at all? Otherwise, just keep your wallet tucked in your pocket, sit back, relax, and enjoy the journey rather than seek the destination, as you play Genshin Impact.

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