What are the best mobile games with good graphics and under 1GB?

Maybe try these games ,,

1)Mounment valley

2) sky : children of light

3)alto’s adventure

4) six guns

5) real racing 3

And pubg mobile India is going to launch soon ,, it’s nearly 700mb ,, without maps and other resources

6) need for speed no limits

7) shadow fight 4

8) beat stomper

I guess These are the best graphic games under 1gb ,,

If you need higher graphic games whole mobile platform ,, 1) asphalt 9 ( 2gb ) , 2) fortnite ( 7gb ) , 3) genshin impact (12gb)

You can even try cloud gaming apps ,, you can play pc games in mobile ,, for example you can try this app : GeForce now

But you need to pay the subscription for it ,, it’s not that expensive

I hope this helps you (???)

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