What are the chances of getting a 5-star in Genshin Impact? Are there ways to guarantee a high star character?

Okay, so, ill explain this as best as i can.


genshin impact has a unique way of obtaining a 5 star, there are such thing as 50/50, the 50/50 doesnt react on the permanent banner, only on the limited one.

too win the 50/50, is when you get the limited 5 star, when you loose the 50/50, you will loose it too either, Diluc, Jean, Qiqi, Keqing, or Mona.

when you do loose the 50/50 too these characters i mentioned, you will get a guaranteed 5 star on the limited banner the next time you wish.

this does not apply on the same banner you lost your 50/50 on.
lets use Eula as a example, you lost your 50/50 too lets say… Diluc.
obtaining/wishing on Eulas banner will cost you another 90, wishes or so
so then, lets say your wishing for kazuha, then, Your kazuha is guaranteed.


Getting a 5 star is a , 50/50 as a I Mentioned, you will need about 50 – 90 wishes or even less if your lucky.

  • PITY : 10 – 50 wishes
  • SOFT PITY : 60 – 70 wishes
  • HARD PITY : 80 – 100 wishes

    if this wasnt explained good enough, you can always go too the wish area in genshin, and press details. it will give a through out explanation.

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