What are the various character’s tiers in Genshin Impact?

What are the various character’s tiers in Genshin Impact?

My answer to What are the strongest characters in Genshin Impact? applies here as well:

Well, on the Internet, I found this chart: https://genshin.gg/tier-list

It says the strongest characters are:

Diluc, the shadow ruler of Monstadt, with his 2-handed sword and fire element

Fischl, the chuuni archer wielding lightning and big words.

Keqing, whom I never saw yet.

Klee, the adorable little bundle of explosions.

Qiqi, the healer whom I haven’t saw yet.

Venti, the suspicious bard armed with bow and air element.

Xiao, whom I didn’t see myself either.

But the truth is, in Genshin Impact, you can’t really choose which characters you’ll get – a few of them (mostly in the bottom of that chart) are guaranteed by some event in the game, but most of them depend on your luck with Wishes. Of the list above, I only got Fischl into my party. I only got to try the rest of them in some special quest.

And the power of a character mostly depends on how good you are at playing him or her, and how much resources you invest in levelling them up.

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