What are your hobbies?

Here are my hobbies!

  • Piano: I started sept. 2020 and im currently in grade 3. I love trying to learn stuff that’s way above my level, like Rachmaninoff’s 2nd piano concerto and Chopin’s Nocturne Op.9 No.2 My goal is to be in grade 8 within 3 years. Don’t know if it’s possible but I’ll try
  • Violin: I’ve been playing violin for 3 years now, and I’m currently at grade 3-ish. I don’t take private lessons unlike piano so progressing will be slower. The only teacher I have is my orchestra teacher. He told me to learn vibrato since im ready, and I think I’ve got it down. I’m also learning 3rd position. I’m currently learning Bach’s double concerto for 2 violins-and yes I’ll learn both parts.
  • Genshin Impact: I’ve been playing this game since December 4, and now im currently at adventure rank 44. I proudly main diluc and I’m going to pull for the venti banner
  • anime: I’ve watched anime since aug. 2020. I really like the variety of the shows, from man-eating titans (Attack on Titan), to trying to break a curse (Another), and a girl who became a land god (kamisama kiss). I really wish people wouldn’t say that anime sucks, is gross, or it’s for kids (And yes there are animes targeted for kids but most are for teens/tweens/adults) unless they tried it themselves.

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