What computer games encourage a high level of creativity? How do particular computer games accomplish this?

There are maaaany games that allow a gamer or player to bring out their creativity. It does not have to be limited to user-created stuff. Creativity varies. Big games that come to mind would be: minecraft (duh), breath of the wild (the legend of zelda), most strategy games, and most fighting games.

~The reason I said “fighting games” is because of the variety of combos and scenarios you can play from. Catching an opponent from the air and mixing up them up in a combo of you choice, using frame data to effectively pressure and catch your opponent off guard, combos lol, and environments.

~Minecraft is self explanatory. I don’t even have to mention Roblox.

~Breath of the wild’s system allows you to do sooo many things with the powers you earn over time. You can catapult rocks all over the place, ride the trees :3, make your own bridges, mess with the AI of harder enemies, etc.

~Nearly all strategy games need creativity in order for you to be…well good at it. Pretty self explanatory.

Most of the good games allow players to be creative. So if you want a few suggestions, try out the ones I mentioned or play some of the most popular games (excluding FPS). Breath of the Wild<->Genshin Impact, Minecraft>Roblox, Tekken 7<->MK11, Civilization 6…

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