What do teens do in their room?

  • Sleep. This is a given. I wouldn’t be here without it.
  • Read. I have some flashlights to read with when I can’t sleep, sometimes I do it for fun.
  • Draw. I’ve gotten into drawing again, so I do that mostly digitally.
  • Write. I’ve been writing poetry since I could hold a pen.
  • Think. Sometimes, I just still and stare at the wall thinking.
  • Listen to music. Yeah, it passes time.
  • Play Genshin Impact. Mhmmm, my number one game.
  • Study. School is hard, lemme tell you that.
  • Watch anime. I’m rewatching Naruto right now:)
  • Go on Discord. It’s nice to talk to people online since I can’t do it in real life.
  • This. I mean…I’m doing it now, ehe.
  • Cosplay. Yup. I do that from time to time.
  • Crossplay. Cosplay but I’m a girl.
  • Pet my cat. Boring, but damn she’s cute.
  • Look at stars. Lucky me, I have a nice view.

What’d you think I do? Really, why do you care?

It’s not your problem what teens do in their room, but it’s just normal stuff.

Stuff you do, at least.

Trust me. We’re normal human beings…not fucking murderers.

I thought it was so obvious what we do in our rooms.

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