What do you think of each MBTI type, based on people in your own life?


ENTJ: Misunderstood. They’re awesome people, and need more representation. They’re a bit too intense sometimes, but it doesn’t change the fact that they’re really cool!

ESTJ: I’m decently close to a healthy one. He doesn’t actively say it, but I can tell he cares about me…. through criticism and letting me in on what he cares about every once in a while. That’s his way of bonding lol. A bit cold sometimes, but very chill. But ESTJs I’ve seen can be… naggy, especially as a parent. “Take care of yourself. Don’t touch me you haven’t washed your hands.”

INTJ: I know a VERY healthy INTJ, who has very pure and strong morals so that might affect my opinion of them. I love how composed they are in any situation. Unhealthy ones are…. very very intense. However, they have a different perspective on things than I do, so talking to them is very pleasant most of the time.

ISTJ: I’ve met multiple ISTJs and they can all be pretty chill. They are very introverted though, and don’t reach out unless it’s for business purposes or if it’s been half a year. They’re surprisingly very funny. I don’t know if it’s an xSTJ thing but all the ISTJs I know are clean freaks, especially if they have a 6 in their tritype.

ENFJ: I’ve never met an ENFJ, but I’ve heard of one through someone else. They’re kind and energetic, yet scary and intense at the same time. This only reminds me of Lisa from Genshin and she’s an awesome character. WAIT! I know ONE ENFJ, and they’re very kind, yet chaotic. (Sooo much Se).

ESFJ: Very very caring. TOO caring. Let loose a bit please~ But also, most of the ESFJs I know are VERY innocent and gullible, giving me a “protect them” instinct. They’re kinda like the type I want to give headpats and hugs for days to. I also met some healthy ESFJs and they are very calm and understanding, giving off the vibe that they have been through a lot yet wise.

INFJ: Hooo boy. I know multiple. When HEALTHY, (and I emphasize healthy) they’re one of the greatest people I’ve ever met. They’re considerate, kind, and very profound. However, I met many unhealthy INFJs and they’re… chaotic. And not in a good way. I love INFJs, but please take care of yourselves mentally and physically. Because most of them will probably not consider self-care until they’re guilted into it~

ISFJ: Now that I think about it, I don’t meet many ISFJs. However, I have a bias towards Si doms and terts. ISFJs are very hard-working and caring people but also very oblivious. I find it funny how they take everything literally and it’s adorable <3

ENTP: I have only met one very unhealthy ENTP, so my opinion may not be the greatest. I need more of a sample size, but it doesn’t help I don’t leave my house XD. From my personal experience, they’re very needy and attention seeking. In FICTION however, ENTPs are AWESOME!! You big brained chaotic fellows >:D

ESTP: I live with one, but he’s an enneagram 9 so he’s much more chill than the average ESTP. ESTPs in general are very bold and loud. I don’t mind them, and they can be funny sometimes, but they’re also very intense. It’s hard to connect emotionally, but they’re good people~

INTP: One of my close friends who taught me about MBTI is an INTP. They’re actually much more expressive than the media says and are only “robots” if you push them to the limit. They’re just not really reactive. Don’t go to an INTP expecting a reaction, because they won’t know how to respond. They’ll never admit that they’re adorable though~

ISTP: Please let me meet an ISTP. I only met an ISTP through fiction, and had fallen in love with those people. (Examples: Gin from BSD and Naoto from P4) They seem very cool and chill people, the epitome of cold outside and soft insides.

ENFP: They’re so so private, masking themselves through their energy. Trying to get them to talk about their life and things that happen to them is like pulling teeth. They love talking about common interests and concepts that fascinate them, but nothing about their lives. I strive off of learning about someone, so their mystery draws me in, yet pushes me away at the same time. They’re definitely one of the walking contradictions in MBTI, probably right beside the INFJ. If you’re an ENFP, or know an ENFP, please let me know if this is a correct assumption.

ESFP: Never met an ESFP actually, but I can guess what they’re like. High energy, yet got that chill Se dom vibe~ I think if we can sort out our differences, we’d be good friends. (I love Bennett, and HE’s an ESFP so I’m obligated to love them XD)

INFP: Hooooo boy. These people are a hit or miss. If they’re healthy, they’re one of the best people I’ve ever met. They’re sweet, kind, gentle, and true to themselves. Similar to ISFJs, you guys make me want to cuddle with you and tease you for decades XD. If your Te is developed, they make amazing work partners as well. However, unhealthy INFPs are extremely selfish, blaming those around them for mistakes they made, or just being really angry and frustrated with everything. Looping INFPs indulge too much on simple pleasures too… Hurts to see them eating the same unhealthy oily foods time and time again to escape from reality. I love them a lot, but please take care of yourselves :(.

ISFP: They are very thoughtful and rational, and also very fun-loving and adventurous XD. They’re surprisingly talkative and aloof at the same time too. They find meaning and beauty in almost everything, and I love that about these people. However, when unhealthy…. Te grip… They get angry at everything, even MORE angry than the INFP, because of Se anger. They blame people for things they’ve never done and…. *sigh* Toko from DR1 is a good example of this. I love you ISFPs, but unhealthy ones….

A VAST majorities of these opinions are biased, because they mainly focus on the people around me and the people I have met personally. They are all personally my own opinion and they change depending on the health of the person. If I met a healthy version of all of these types, I’d definitely have a more positive response. I’m sorry if I offended you, but these are my honest thoughts.

Thank you for reading 😀

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