What do you think should be added to genshin impact?

I find the late game to be very boring and repetitive. All I can do is wait for resin and do co op. Being AR 55 with 100% world exploration with 36 star spiral abyss leaves me with nothing to do but farm artifacts and raise characters I never used.

I think there should be some form of arena mode that is endless so u can still play something without resin. And for it to remain challenging this mode is like spiral abyss but has no floors instead just a endless team you can bring 8 characters that switch in and out after each wave. You can get primogems for the first part then there will be less and less rewards as the waves increases so higher levels won’t be getting way more than low levels. There should not be a time limit but should have special restrictions like no healing or shields being weaker to make the mode challenging. this also allows them to bring back some bosses from old events like the special Hypostasis event so the content won’t be just wasted.

mihoyo should really add more permanent game modes and challenges rather than only events that will be deleted like theatre mechanicus or peculiar wonderland which are fun modes that would be cool to have kept.

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