What don’t you like about Garena Free Fire?

No offense, and criticism, but I hate a lot of things in Garena Free Fire:

  1. The graphics itself feels really bad, games in 2021 already has a lot of advanced graphics, Call of Duty Mobile guns and characters, Genshin Impact’s massive open world, and so. Free Fire still being the same kind of graphics, and the new updates and content itself doesn’t get upgraded, rather it’s a downgrade comparing to the new games right now. It is really bad, and the skins adding to the low-quality characters are being really cringy and sucks. I don’t know but many older shooting games like CSGO even have better graphics.
  2. The game is Pay 2 Win, IDK why but Free Fire at the very first months of release, the game was really good, there were good tactics, the guns at least is still good, and so. After many Fire pass season, it starts to get P2W and now it’s P2W. Even if you are good or not, how can you beat an enemy that has slightly better damage and recoil for the same gun. I know we have free skins, but the free ones are really trash. This thing makes the game becoming a colorful game, not a military game anymore.
  3. Stupid in game physics. Free fire guns have no recoil, the scope barely shakes, rather it spreads out like a shotgun which is nonsense. The reload animation is also trash, that character doesn’t even do anything with the maagzine, while you can clearly see that fps games always have pulling out the magazine, put in the new mag and then pull the charging handle if it’s empty, free fire doesn’t even have such basic physics element and this thing already even have in games that are 15 years ago.
  4. The community is toxic, I know many games having trashtalking is bad, many people are just having bad gameplay and then blame their teammates, sometimes, it will makes you getting trouble. But this game is really bad, many people are even kids who talk trash, and they have no parents guarding them. I know you can talk trash and saying to your friends, but free fire is having too much people, and they being so toxic that I have to quit.
  5. New content sucks. Everytime garena gives and update, they never improve a single thing in the graphics or the game physics, they only cares about P2W guns, P2W characters, And trashy stuff. New contents, yes they still add, but any upgrade or adjustments, not a single one, while codm already offers you a lot of maps and guns already, and your character even has really accurate details even when you are on low graphics.

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