What Genshin Impact Characters Are Most Popular In Spiral Abyss

The popularity of Genshin Impact characters is always being debated. With new playable characters added into the game regularly, which Genshin Impact characters are most popular is almost always changing, too. However, by looking at data, it\’s easy to determine which characters are most popular in the Spiral Abyss.

Genshin Impact\’s Spiral Abyss is still a decent way to earn rewards, and it serves as an ideal way for players to test out new characters and team compositions. Because the Spiral Abyss resets twice a month – on the 1st and 16th – it keeps gameplay fresh as well. Enemies and rewards can differ as players climb up multiple floors. Because of how often players enter the Spiral Abyss, it can be indicative of which Genshin Impact characters are most popular. However, not all players routinely participate in the Spiral Abyss, so there is a margin of error for using it to determine the game\’s most popular characters.

Early last year, miHoYo shared data on which Genshin Impact characters were popular based on the amount of revenue each character brought it. miHoYo has been pretty transparent about sharing data on its characters, but fan-run sites like GenshinLab also collect data that showcase stats like income, which characters are popular, and a whole lot more. By looking at the Spiral Abyss chart on its site, it\’s easy to see which Genshin Impact characters were most popular in the Spiral Abyss.

What Genshin Impact Characters Are Used The Most In Spiral Abyss

The Spiral Abyss chart on GenshinLab is updated regularly, so the information will change over time. For now, the latest info is recorded from January 2021 to January 2022. According to the chart, the most popular Genshin Impact characters for Spiral Abyss are:


Kazuha has a whopping 96-97%, while Bennett and Zhongli trade frequently in and out of the #2 spot over the course of the past year. Zhongli typically hit 91-93% while Bennett stayed around 92% for much of the year before jumping up to 95% more recently. Zhongli has remained popular in Genshin Impact, even more so after the Geo element was buffed last year. Meanwhile, Bennett has been a steady favorite since the game launched in late 2020.

Kazuha is a fairly new character compared to the other two, which may account for some of his popularity in the last year. However, Kazuha frequently ranks near the top of tier lists, and his Anemo abilities are quite impressive. So, while there are lots of Genshin Impact characters to choose from, data suggests these three are the most popular to use in the Spiral Abyss – at least, in terms of the past year.

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