What Genshin Impact Players Should Do Daily

Genshin Impact allows players to explore the open world, challenge Domains, and build characters to their max potential. Players can opt to do many of these activities in Genshin Impact’s Co-Op mode, which is unlocked at Adventure Rank 16. While there is plenty to do with other players, it is important to complete these daily tasks in order to remain prepared for future updates.

One of the most important resources in Genshin Impact is Resin. Players should spend all – if not most – of the 160 Resin as soon as it caps. As Resin is a time-based resource, players should maximize all of its uses when it becomes available.

With each Server Reset, players have a multitude of activities and objectives to complete. Maximizing Resin, farming enemies, and keeping track of what materials characters need will help players overcome challenges with ease. Whether a casual or an avid player, these are tasks that can be done daily in order to ensure a steady supply of Primogems and resources.

Genshin Impact: Complete All 4 Commissions From the Adventurer’s Guild

At Adventure Rank 12 and above, players are given four Commissions daily that reset with each Server Reset. Players can earn rewards by completing each Commission and additional rewards by speaking to Katheryne after all four have been finished. Players will be able to receive Primogems, Mora, Companionship EXP, and Enhancement Ores for these dailies. As Commissions are based on RNG, completing Genshin Impact’s hardest Commissions gives players the chance to earn difficult Achievements.

Additionally, completing eight Commissions will allow players to claim a Story Key if they are Adventure Rank 26 or higher. These are used to unlock Story Quests revolving around certain characters. This is important for players who have yet to complete all Character quests. If left unclaimed, future Commissions will not count until the eight Commissions have been exchanged for a Story Key.

Use All 160 Original Resin Every Day for Materials & Artifacts in Genshin Impact

There are many ways players can spend Resin. Since it takes about 20 hours to regenerate 160 Resin, it is best to use the Resin as it becomes available in order to maximize rewards. For 20 Resin, Players can complete Ley Line Outcrops for Mora or EXP books. During events such as Ley Line Overflow in Genshin Impact, players can use 20 Original Resin in exchange for double rewards.

Normal Bosses, such as the Hypostases and Regisvines, require 40 Resin upon collection. These are needed for Character Ascension, and players will need about 46 Unique Drops from these Bosses to Ascend a character past Level 80. Players will most likely be farming Normal Bosses after obtaining a new character or beforehand to prepare for their arrival.

Weekly Bosses, such As Azhdaha and La Signora, require 60 Resin – though players are given three opportunities to reduce the cost to 30 Resin. These Bosses are important to defeat as they award players with needed drops. When Genshin Impact’s Character Talents reach level 6 and above, they will begin to require certain Boss drops. Each character will need a different drop depending on their region or whichever Boss was released during their Banner. For example, Kazuha is from Inazuma, though he requires Gilded Scales from Azhdaha. Players can check the needed materials via the Talent section in the Character tab.

Genshin Impact: Collect Rare Open-World Resources For Character Ascension & Cooking

In Genshin Impact, there are certain resources that respawn during Server Resets and some that respawn after around 48 hours. Regional specialties such as Qingxin and Cecilia fall under the latter category. These resources are needed for Genshin Impact’s Character Ascension for Ganyu and Xiao – who require Qingxin – along with Venti and Albedo – who require Cecilia. Players may even receive an abundance of Co-Op requests during each new Character Banner from players who need these resources quickly.

Many characters require a Regional Specialty that can be hard to farm if players forget to pick them up routinely, especially if they are in the process of building a certain character. There is always the option to join another Adventurer in Co-Op mode for their supply, but it is best to extinguish one’s own resources before borrowing another’s. Additionally, players can collect items needed for cooking, such as Bird Eggs, Radishes, Mint, and Pinecones. Hunting birds will drop Fowl, and they will return to their locations which every Server Reset. Locations such as the bridge with the Mondstadt NPC Timmie is a reliable place to farm Fowl, as there is a large herd of Pigeons easily farmed by characters such as Anemo-user Venti or Cryo-user Ganyu.

Genshin Impact Players Are Rewarded For Keeping Up With In-Game Events

There are a variety of events available every update. All of Genshin Impact’s Version 2.6 events involve different mechanisms and allow players many opportunities to complete unique quests. Some events include fighting, strategy, cooking, and flower arrangements. As these events are only available for a limited time, it is best to complete each section of the event as it becomes available.

Otherwise, it is very easy to become overwhelmed by trying to binge the entire event on its last day. These events are a great way to obtain Genshin Impact’s Ascension Material and resources, such as Mora, Talent books, and Primogems. Completing each event ensures that players are stocked on resources to use for building future characters or weapons.

Purchase Furnishings From Genshin Impact’s Serenitea Pot Spirit, Tubby

Tubby in Genshin Impact’s Serenitea Pot offers many things for players to purchase. While Realm Treasures and Riches of the Realm respawn weekly, all Furnishings available by Tubby reset daily. This is important for players who enjoy customizing their Serenitea Pot. If they need more than the available stock of three, they should revisit Tubby daily to buy the Furnishings they need for immediate or future use. By completing these daily tasks, Genshin Impact players will be better prepared for current and future updates.

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