What Genshin Impact's 2.3 Update Means For 5-Star Character Reruns

Announced in the Genshin Impact 2.3 livestream, a new wishing system is coming that will change 5-star character reruns. Genshin Impact is a character-based game, both story-wise and for its gameplay. Some players choose their characters based on their skill set, while others decide on aesthetics. Either way, everyone has their favorite characters that they want to be on their team, but because of how many 5-star characters are now in Genshin Impact, with even more to come, it can take quite a while for a beloved character to become available again. This new wishing system is meant to solve that problem.

The purpose of character reruns is to allow newer players or those who missed out initially to be able to get older 5-star characters. Character reruns also give the players a bit of a break from a constant stream of new characters that they have to learn how to play. The most recent reruns were Tartaglia and Hu Tao, each with their own banner running one after the other. In 2.3, however, the two rerun characters, Albedo and Eula, will have their banners running simultaneously, with Arataki Itto’s banner coming after.

The characters who have had at least one rerun are Venti, Zhongli, Klee, Tartaglia, and Hu Tao, with Albedo and Eula coming soon. That leaves quite a few 5-star characters that haven’t been available for quite some time. In particular, fan favorites like Genshin Impact\’s Ganyu and Xiao have been unavailable for most of the year with players highly anticipating their reruns. The previous rerun method of having one character per banner run would have taken a long time to get through everyone, especially with all the new characters that are still being added

Genshin Impact 2.3 Changes 5-Star Character Reruns

The new rerun wishing system fixes this issue. Instead of one at a time, there will periodically be two 5-star characters rerunning at the same time, each with their own separate banner. This will literally make the process two time fasters, so players will be able to get those long sought after characters that much quicker. And this is great news because with each banner taking three weeks, getting to a specific character can take literal months.

The downside, however, is that there is a possibility that players will want both of the rerunning characters. With the old system, players usually had a good amount of time to prepare enough Genshin Impact Primogems for the characters they wanted, but now that time has been cut in half. Two guaranteed 5-star characters can cost a maximum of 360 wishes, which can months to accumulate for F2P Genshin Impact players. Instead of being able to get all the rerun characters they want at once, they may need to wait for either character to come around again. On the flip side, because of this new rerun system, the amount of time that will take will be much shorter.

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