What Genshin Impact's Fishing Gets Right (That Other Games Get Wrong)

Genshin Impact has recently joined the ranks of games that contain a fishing mini-game, allowing players to catch, cook, and keep fish as pets. Players familiar with these mini-games will notice that this one doesn\’t have some frustrating aspects that they may have experienced in other games. It\’s a pleasant side activity that has grown from games before it, and since it\’s a constantly evolving game, Genshin Impact\’s fishing will likely improve more over time.

Final Fantasy XIV has a lot of mellow gathering for players to do, including fishing, but there is one part of its fishing system that many players aren\’t thrilled with. There are dozens upon dozens of different baits and tackles in FFXIV, and not only do they take up a ton of already-limited inventory space, but it can be unclear where to obtain them and where to even use them. In Genshin Impact, upon reaching a fishing spot, players can only select bait compatible with that body of water. There are also less than half a dozen different baits, and each one is easy to obtain – which is nice and simple compared to fishing in FFXIV.

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, fish are hidden under the surface of the water and appear as shadows. A big fish shadow seems exciting, but many ACNH players are familiar with hooking what they hope is a rare ocean fish and reeling up a painfully common sea bass instead. In Genshin Impact, there are no fish like ACNH\’s sea bass to give players false hope, as all the fish in a fishing spot are always visible. The rare Ornamental Fish that can be kept as pets will jump into the air to signify that they are special, and players can even tell if a pool contains such rare fish from a distance, as the fishing pool will glow with a beam of blue light.

Genshin Impact\’s Fishing Can Be Improved Even More In Future Updates

Of course, Genshin Impact\’s fishing system isn\’t perfect. It is not accessible until the player reaches Adventure Rank 35 in Genshin Impact and completes a significant number of prerequisite quests. Tales of Arise also features a fun fishing mini-game, but it isn\’t available until after the party member Kisara is recruited, and that is also many hours into the game. And while Tales of Arise gets a lot right with fishing, Genshin Impact has a slight edge on it since it will likely get many fishing updates in the future, whereas a single-player game like Arise may not get new fish unless DLC releases for it.

Genshin Impact has learned from its predecessors to offer a fun and engaging way to spend time in-game. JRPGs aren\’t the only games with fishing mini-games, and Genshin Impact isn\’t technically a JRPG, but its anime and JRPG influences are clear and a fishing game feels right at home. miYoHo will likely (and hopefully) continue to expand upon fishing in future updates.

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