What Genshin Impact's Trail of Delicacies & Rewards Are

The Moonlight Merriment Event is starting in Genshin Impact on September 27, 2021. This event is a little more complex than recent events have been in that there are three different gameplay activities. One of those three is called the Trail of Delicacies. While all of the activities are related to each other, their gameplay is completely separate.

As miHoYo has done recently, all of the Moonlight Merriment Event, and the Trail of Delicacies, will not be available immediately when the event begins. During the event’s duration, more will become available as time goes on. Considering how many pieces there are to Moonlight Merriment, this will allow players to thoroughly enjoy the event without rushing through everything. The Moonlight Merriment Event, and the Trail of Delicacies, runs in Genshin Impact until October 12th.

The Trail of Delicacies got its name from the Adepti, who once pursued the Adeptal path enjoying delicious dishes to help calm their minds while wandering across the rivers and mountains of Liyue. Now, players must follow in their footsteps down these same paths. The Adventurer’s Guild has decided to spice things up a bit by adding treasures for players to find along the way. Players will need to complete challenges and defeat enemies in Genshin Impact in order to claim them.

Genshin Impact: The Three Trail Of Delicacies Paths & Rewards Explained

There are three stages or paths for this Genshin Impact event: the Path of Stalwart Stone, the Path of Gentle Breezes, and the Path of Austere Frost. For the Moonlight Merriment Event, each of the three activities will take place on each of these paths once they have become available. The Path of Stalwart Stone is the first path, releasing on September 27. The Path of Gentle Breezes is second and will be available on October 1. Last is the Path of Austere Frost, which players will be able to explore on October 5. Each path will have its own version of the Moonlight Merriment activities, and players can get rewards for all three.

Players can get some help with these challenges by emulating the Adepti who once walked these paths. Players will be able to offer certain delicacies (that they will need to cook themselves in Genshin Impact) on each of the paths during the Trail of Delicacies gameplay. Once they have given enough of these gourmet dishes, they will obtain the corresponding Trail Comforts for that specific path and challenge. These Trail Comforts will provide attach boosts during combat.

Each path and challenge will provide various rewards. Players can expect to get, Mora, Talent Level-Up Materials (including a Crown of Insight), Character Level-Up Materials, Primogems and Festive Fever. The Festive Fever will accumulate between the various Moonlight Merriment activities to unlock more of the event. Players will also be able to get the Luxurious Sea-Lord (Claymore)\’s refinement materials. The weapon itself can be obtained from the Moonlight Seeker portion of the event. Fortunately, by completing the entirety of the Moonlight Merriment Event, players will be able to fully refine this new and unique Genshin Impact weapon.

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