What is it like to have strict parents?

I don’t consider myself having the strictest parents, but I can relate to it in certain aspects.


Nothing too revealing. No crop tops/anything that reveals my belly or short jeans. I normally just wear a hoodie and leggings. I am also not allowed to buy new clothes without their permissions.

What is it like to have strict parents?
What is it like to have strict parents?

It looks something like above 🙂


90%+. Every subject has to achieve that, or I will get my one hour of video games each day taken away. That’s not really a problem, because my grades always stayed consistantly as about 94%. I am fine with math or science, its just PE that I worry most about my grades. The reason is to make sure I can get into a good university and able to have a good career.


Not until I turn 18. I am simply too young and I need to focus in school before getting into a relationship. The thing I need to focus the most right now is school. Not like I can find a boyfriend right now though… haha…


Same thing with relationship. Not until I turn 18. I don’t need to fancy myself up as of right now, so no dyeing hair either. I am free to do anything when I turn eighteen, but I have to stay off those as a teenager.


Just no. They are harmful to body and gets me distracted from studying. I don’t think they are a fan of the idea of me doing those as I turn eighteen either. I am not interested in those sooo ayyy good for me.

Time management each day:

They work weekdays until six, but I’m not free to do everything. I have to study and do my homework. I recently got into anime, so that did make me procrastinate on my homework. But hey, I can still fulfill the grades requirement! I get an hour to play appropriate games from 8pm-9pm (I mostly play Genshin Impact), and I go outside for a walk from 9pm-10pm. The wifi will be cut out at 10pm-7am, so no browsing the internet at night. I think that they don’t really care what I do before they comes home at six, as long as I get my homework done.


They don’t care about what kind of friends I make. As long as they aren’t sketchy or some suspicious stranger. Male, female, lgbtq+… None of that matters to them. I just can’t devote lots of time on them.

That’s all that I can think of right now. I am pretty grateful for them. They aren’t super strict as some people go through, but I do hope this can get you an idea on what kids with strict parents is like. Thanks for viewing this lengthy little answer :3

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