What is the best Android OS for a PC to play games?

Just stock Android-x86.

I have tried other PC versions of Android and they’re all bad. BlissOS is incredibly unstable and crashes all the time. RemixOS is just very outdated. PhoenixOS quite literally has ads which you have to pay for a freaking subscription to have them removed. Not even a one-time payment!

Just got with stock Android-x86. But go with version 8.1 as the later versions are not very stable. At least, as of me posting this it’s the most recent stable version.

I use Android-x86 a lot as I have a second PC dedicated just to playing Arknights.

Note that the ability to play games is hit-or-miss with any PC version of Android because many games are not programmed to accept mouse input, only touch input (yes, Android treats those differently). And so clicking menus don’t work. Obvious example is Nintendo’s games, Dragalia Lost and Fire Emblem Heroes are not playable.

Android-x86 currently only supports ARM games up to ARMv7 as well. Some games, like Genshin Impact, require ARMv8 and so they can’t be installed. BlissOS experimented with ARMv8 but again, the operating system is a buggy mess. I tried using it before and while QooApp let me install Genshin Impact, the operating system kept crashing so I couldn’t play it anyways.

For these two reasons, games on Android-x86 can be hit or miss. But occasionally some work and they play well. I primarily use it to play Arknights which plays great.

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