What is the best free 4 star sword for ayaka in genshin impact? I have the flute but is the new blacksmith one better?

Since she’s a Cryo character, you could build her as a Physical DPS, in which the Prototype Rancour is the best *4 weapon for it.

But for Cryo build, none of the craftable *4 swords is good on her, even the upcoming new craftable one, since her skill got long cooldown, which is the key factor on the craftable swords.

Well, unless you got Chongyun with his 2nd Constellation active on your team, in which his skill will give —15% reduced cooldown effect whenever you cast your skill or burst, so you could use the new craftable sword to the fullest.

But TBH, you prolly could get the Blackcliff Slasher or Royal Longsword, which is available on the Starglitter Shop, and it’s much better than the available craftable swords.

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